June 16, 2014

KakaoTalk for Father’s Day Everyday !

Give Dad the Day he Deserves with KakaoTalk’s Diverse Features, 

KakaoTalk, one of the leading mobile messaging apps, suggests a few tips on how to make your dad feel like every day is Father’s Day.

Father’s Day comes only once a year - and it’s one of the rare chances to get a little cheesy with your Dad! Rare chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or a fancy dinner uptown can bring a smile to your mom’s face, but finding the right gift for your dad on his special day can often feel like a test. So instead of stressing over what to buy him, send the one thing guaranteed to make his day: your love! Not only is a heartfelt message on KakaoTalk is free, fast and fun, but also a gift he can keep with him forever!

Here are the few tips from KakaoTalk on how to make your dad feel like every day is Father’s Day: 

Eliminate stress 

Whether it's organizing your closet, making your bed, or keeping your weekend curfew, make your dad happy by actively fulfilling his request. Your dad will surely appreciate the responsibility and initiative you show! Then, use KakaoTalk to send him a photo of all the dishes you washed, his newly shined and waxed car, or your neat and organized room as a postcard of your appreciation. 

Spend time together 

It may seem simple, but just spending quality time together can create indelible life moments. See the newest blockbuster movie, take a road trip out of town, go for a walk alongside the nearest beachfront, or fire up the grill for dad’s favorite barbeque. With KakaoTalk’s scheduling feature, planning any event, even for your whole family, is quick and easy, and you can even make it a surprise to your dad! Set time aside to plan a Father’s Day event that you and your family will always remember.

Pamper him – any way you can 

Dads don’t get as much pampering as moms often do, so treat him to a day of massages, grooming and relaxation. Breakfast in bed might be a bit awkward for him, but your dad will surely love a meal at his favorite restaurant. However, if you’re far away from him, sweet message coming from your voice will be just as nourishing to your dad. KakaoTalk’s crisp and clear voice call and voice note features are the perfect tools to make your dad feel extra special. 

Express how important he is 

Chances are, you have made or bought a Fathers’ Day card at one time or another. This year, dare to be different and let KakaoTalk do the talking for you! Show your love to dad by using KakaoTalk’s wide array of animated stickers when you send your message of gratitude. 

It’s the thought that counts 

The heart of Father’s Day is showing dad how much you care. Gifts and gestures are nice, but nothing matters more to dad than knowing that he’s loved. Wherever you find yourself this Father’s Day, catch up with dad via KakaoTalk—it’s a free and easy way to show how much you care. A simple message of “I love you, dad!” will be enough to make his day. 

Whether you choose to celebrate the occasion modestly or elaborately, Father’s’ Day is all about bonding with family and showering dad with the love he deserves. Use the above 5 tips from KakaoTalk to make this the perfect Father’s Day for the best dad in the world, yours! 

For more information on KakaoTalk’s features and offerings, visit www.kakaotalk.com.ph/

About Kakao Corp.
Kakao Corporation is the provider of KakaoTalk, a mobile messaging application and global mobile social platform based in South Korea. Since the launch of its app in 2010, Kakao has solidified its position as a leader in the mobile industry, expanding its service beyond messaging to a social platform encompassing games, digital contents, marketing, commerce and more. KakaoTalk currently has more than 150 million registered users from 230 countries, and billions of messages are delivered every day in form of text, photos, video and voice. As a global, cross-platform application, it is available in 14 languages, on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Bada, Windows Phone and Nokia Asha. Kakao’s mission is to build a symbiotic mobile ecosystem at the global scale, offering a mobile social platform that provides win-win solutions for users and third-party partners alike. For more information, visit www.kakaotalk.com.ph/

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