December 5, 2014

Ariel 1 Higanteng Linis, Higanting Fiesta

Higantes Festival is one of Angono Rizal’s tourist attractions, with popular ‘Higantes’ which are made of papier-mâché or paper maches, normally four to five feet in diameter and 10 to 12 feet in height.

Higantes Festival, also known as the Feast of San Clemente, is celebrated every November in the town of Angono, Rizal. This is a major festival in honor of San Clemente, the patron saint of fishermen. His image is carried by male devotees during a procession accompanied by "pahadores" (devotees dressed in colorful local costumes or fishermen's clothes, wearing wooden shoes and carrying boat paddles, fish nets, traps, etc.) and "higantes" (paper-mâché giants measuring 10-12 feet in height and 4-5 feet in diameter).

Ariel, a marketing line of laundry detergents made by Procter & Gamble, celebrates the culmination of the Higantes Festival, the Feast day of San Clemente in Angono, Rizal. Ariel 1 Higanteng Linis event at the Higantes Festival in Angono was Ariel’s Better Tough Stain Removal in 1 Wash! 

With the bloggers, (we were 20) we witnessed and participated in the event last Sunday, November 23 in line with the colorful and festive town fiesta called ‘Higantes Festival’ of Angono Rizal. With a campaign that may well serve as another breakthrough in the detergent industry, Ace Saatchi & Saatchi with the task to attain the vision of providing a #HigantengLinis environment to Filipinos with Ariel.
Aquarium-like containers were also installed to soak the dirtied linens with #Ariel detergent powder, after the lunch time with the 1,000 residents in the area.
Food were served as it came out of the giant pot. Food in trays were served  for the participants to eat.

It was an afternoon filled with food, fun and tough stain removal! Ariel is the brand that sponsoring food for 1,000 people which will be one of the many highlights of the program.

Fun games and entertainment was hosted by MOR 101.9 for Life Manila DJ’s – Cha Cha and Papi Charlz. Teddy Corpuz of Rocksteddy rocked the thousands of people who came and joined the fun advocacy of Ariel, with hashtags #Ariel #HigantengLinis event.

The event organizers distributed 1,000 Ariel t-shirts and 1,000 food stubs to all invited Filipino families in the area. In order to complete the festive experience, parlor games were mounted and prizes worth 50,000-peso in goods rained and were given away to the winners. 

Two winners received two  Php4000.00 as cash prizes and two winners of two sacks of rice.

Cleanliness is one of the most important practice for a clean and healthy environment.
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