December 23, 2014

Million Views Club

Gone are the days when word on what’s hot in entertainment springs only from what critics have to say. Bankability, after all, roots from the appreciation of the public, and the public has long blasted towards a world where a single “like”, “thumbs up” or “star” can tip the scale. 

With YouTube re-establishing the very purpose of music videos, the artists of Ivory Music & Video gain the champagne life by garnering millions of views, giving a bird’s eye perspective of OPM’s finest today. It’s a highly exquisite circle of new-breed talents.

Leading the pack is rapper Abra with a whopping 40 million+ views on official YouTube channels carrying his name. Possessing unparalleled lyrical flair in early years of age and career, the music video for “Gayuma”, featuring Thyro and Jeriko Aguilar, has steadily surpassed the 30-million mark. “Ilusyon” managed to front on critical and commercial reception as, apart from amassing more than 4 million views, the music video gained recognition at the 27th Awit Awards, winning Best Music Video on top of fully-established contenders such as Yeng Constantino, Sandwich and Gloc-9. And since in the camp of young tongue-twisters he’s tagged as “the wordsmith”, Abra’s lyric videos embraced its fandom views with 5 million for “Abrakadabra” and 3 million for the Chito Miranda-assisted “Diwata”. The rest from Abra’s video catalogue are looking at following suit, too, as only a few months upon YouTube publishing, videos for “Cerebrus”, “Deadma”, and “Midas” are still running on replay. 

Charisma also plays a big part in crunching up the numbers, proven by Maja Salvador on her first recording venture, “Believe”, pieced together by Ivory Music & Video. More than a triple threat (a signed actress, dubbed as the Dance Princess, and vaulted her image on magazine covers), Maja gained bigger following when she stepped into the music limelight: non-fans loved her and fans loved her even more, and when “going for gold” wasn’t enough, the album sky-rocketed to Platinum certification. Be that as it may, it wasn’t much of a surprise, really–to begin with, Maja’s pilot music video “Dahan-dahan” tallied 5,973,100 views as this is being written, and is currently the most popular video on Ivory Music’s channel. Quite impressive for a track that’s only getting its feet wet. Follow-up “Halika Na”, with Abra lending his rapping power, is already checking beyond half a million.
JM De Guzman

JM De Guzman, too, needs no introduction. A pre-established appeal is a card on his stack, but unknown to many is a real vocal talent behind the pretty-boy face which he chose to play. Music is career 2.0 for JM, faring well on YouTube introspection: his cover of John Legend’s “All Of Me” and Itchyworm’s “Akin Ka Na Lang” are beyond 2,000,000 views. The remainder in his video archive never have less than a hundred thousand hits.

Besides these soloists, Silent Sanctuary’s also been making the million cut. The rockestra’s premiere record deal with Ivory Music & Video pitched them to be front-liners for the label. The album “Monodramatic” enjoyed continuous success with a huge part of thanks goes to the reverberation of their online presence. The original version of the music video for “Sa’Yo” garnered more than 2,300,000 views, and “Meron Nang Iba” yielded more than 1,100,000. Even the lyric video for “Bumalik Ka Na Sa Akin” is Ivory Music & Video’s 5th most popular video at 1,134, 011 views and the official clip for the same song is following suit at a close 800,000.

The same goes for Moonstar88 who has perfected the slice-of-Pinoy-life songwriting method. Going for alternative tunes friendly to the airwaves, the band’s accompanying music videos have been easy on the eyes that it’s no different from sneaking a peek on someone’s diary. This vivid retelling of very specific life moments is, perhaps, the reason for “Gilid” and “Ligaw” earning not less than 1,100,000 music video views on YouTube.

If view count is the trend, then Ivory Music & Video’s doing a pretty good job creating trendsetters. Online content reveals real-time bearing on commercial relevance, and at a time when fanhood is crucially a musician’s wealth, it’s safe to lay claim that the label is benefitting from the rich rewards of its knack for developing talent on both sides of the camera, and meeting the wants of the audience, if not redefining it. With the goal of keeping every release perfectly in tune with our times, soul is practically breathed into production.

Critical accolades are still a driving force for success, yes, but the sweeter nod still rests on real audience feedback.

A click (or a tap) will, as they say, make or break.

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By: Riley Bardos

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