February 15, 2015

Multiple Intelligence International School creates Green School Movement to prepare the youth to be environmental stewards and progressive-minded leaders

At a time of environmental destruction and a backward mindset, the Multiple Intelligence International School (MIIS) brings back a spark of hope by introducing to Filipinos the concept of progressive learning that advocates for Multiple Intelligences and the development of future leaders and entrepreneurs.

The generations that will be produced from this educational approach will most likely utilize their intelligences for the greater good and to make a difference.

The Multiple Intelligence International School believes that this goal can be best achieved by piloting the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified Green School in the country which would hopefully encourage other campuses to adapt the core practices of education for sustainable development. 

This is where the Green School Movement led by MIIS comes into the picture. Established to invite stakeholders to share knowledge and expertise, it will ultimately create a network of individuals and organizations who share MIIS’ environmental advocacy, encourage the creation of Green Schools, enhance environmental literacy through input into curriculum of relevant research and practice, and engage the youth to be leaders and advocates for sustainability.

Among the initiatives of the Green School Movement led by MIIS are MAD for the Environment Cambantoc Reforestation Project that aims to reforest the Makiling Watershed; the Rainforest Café which through funds raised will create awareness about the current state of the Philippine Rainforest; the information campaign called One Act for Mother Earth; Kids Can! Save the Environment, a call for the young to use their intelligences to protect the environment; Go Green, Go Zero Waste, an awareness campaign targeted for homes and schools; Energy Pledge which will have families and students vow to reduce energy consumption in their homes and submit progress done to an energy audit meter in the school; and LEAD with LEED which provides mentorship and leadership fora to ensure the understanding and implementation of best practice to meet the LEED accreditation standards.
Overseeing the MIIS Green School Movement is the Green Advisory Council which is composed of experts well-versed in the "5 Core Practices of the Green Schools Network" namely Environmental Literacy & Sustainability, Stewardship, Sustainable Design, Health & Well Being, Partnerships. The Green Advisory Council is also tasked to support the three pillars of sustainable development: environment, social, and economic. 

A greener future for the Philippines has been a long-held dream. Through the creation of the Green School Movement, the Multiple Intelligence International School, true to its commitment to sustainable, green education seeks to address the many issues that pose peril to the environment. 

By molding forward-thinking, internationally competitive young leaders within the premises of the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified Green School in the Philippines, these young Filipinos can be relied upon to stir the country towards a future that is lush, abundant, and sustainable. 

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