February 28, 2015

Barbie Almalbis is back with her “new heart”

Barbie Almalbis is back on the music scene presenting a new chapter in her life through the launch of her latest album “My New Heart.”

Formerly the lead singer of the bands Hungry Young Poets and Barbie's Cradle, she pursued a solo career in 2005, now releasing her "new heart." Her music is characterised by a rather quirky, but endearing vocal style, and guitar work.

Barbie, started releasing solo records since 2005 after she made popular songs like 'Torpe' and 'Firewoman with Hungry Young Poets band, 'Tabing-ilog' and 'Limang Dipang Tao' with Barbie's Cradle band.

Her first solo album was 'Parade,' which includes songs like 'Dahilan,' 'Pag-alis,' and 'High' with The Speaks, followed by the album 'Goodbye My Shadow' in 2011 (her last before she released 'My New Heart').

Barbie considering her songs like her “diary" and the latest album 'My New Heart' her most special and most adventurous.

The songs blend happiness and sadness, not because Barbie feels down and out, but she can experiment with expressing as many feelings as she can in a song.

Barbie has been dormant for sometime from the music scene because as she said "while I was preparing for this new album, I was also becoming a very hands-on mother to my two kids. So I was thinking why not come up with an album that this time speaks so many themes and thoughts that are coming from and coming close to the heart. But at the same time not loosing the pop-rock beat I have become known for."

With her active lifestyle, and while maintaining her groove as a recording artist has experienced full growth with her kids and her ever supportive and handsome husband Martin Honasan, it is not a surprise that the pretty rocker does look younger and is all aglow. She has a healthy working collaboration with her husband who also happens to be an artist, a painter. In fact her husband Martin happens to be one of the main people who made the cover art of Barbie's new album.

The songs included in the album are: Say Goodbye, Emmanuel, Run For Cover, My New Heart, On This Train, We Are Slaves, Secrets, Joyful Joyful, and Ostrich Cowboy.

All nine tracks were produced by Barbie and Maly Andres, and Tommy Tanchanco under the 12 Stone Records label.

'My New Heart' is now available in leading record bars nationwide and even in some online music stores.

Here's one of my favorite songs of Barbie, "High",  a collaboraton with US based all-Pinoy band, The Speaks.

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