March 10, 2015

“Someday” of Absolute Play garners great reactions on social media

Pop rock band “Absolute Play” is one of the most promising newest bands today. Absolute Play has a fast widening fanbase among college students and music bar habitués. Absolute Play has already acquired a growing number of followers from college campuses, wherein they usually play live.

With active and engaged fans the band has been garnering great reactions on social media after they launched their newest single 'Someday.'

Social media is at the heart of music promotion. One of the keys to successful music promotion on social media is the ability to adapt and make decisions on the fly. Social media is a living breathing thing. It moves on its own, and it has a life of its own.

Majority of the feedback says the song is very relatable since 'Someday' is a song about love that can't be confessed and promises of giving the best love in the future.

The music video of 'Someday' was officially launched a day prior to Valentine's Day via MYX and via our official YouTube channel.

Here are from Star Music YouTube channel, the music video of their songs titled 'Little Miss Homewrecker' and 'Be The Best Kid.'

Absolute Play composed of young three siblings - Alto Tanchanco on guitars and the main songwriter; Mato Tanchanco on drums; and Murielle Tanchanco on vocals and keyboards.

In between school and homeworks, this pop rock band has managed to squeeze-in playing live gigs at various schools like the UP Fair, Mirriam College; music festivals and even weekend live music entertainment at the Enchanted Kingdom.

These talented kids play honest to goodness kid-punk music sprinkled with huge doses of fun, good vibes, and good values. No wonder, these kids have created a buzz in social media sites, garnering a whopping 60,000+ and growing fans on Facebook!

'Absolute Play' will release a digital album under the ABS-CBN music arm, soon.

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