#Jinrilationships with Jinri Park

Jinri Park shines in TV5’s comedy web series,  real-life stories with a humorous spin, sex comedy one-liners with her show “Jinrilationships”, an online web show produced by Digital 5, the online digital unit of TV5.

Jinri’s comedic flair glows in this online exclusive. This Korean radio DJ, commercial model, and TV personality effortlessly charms the viewers not just with her good looks but more so with her wit. 

"I'm so grateful to have this show, most of the show is my story, all the episodes consist of my experiences and my ideas , I"m not the writer but I'm the one pitching the story," Park said. 

Jinrilationships is more comedy rather than sexy-comedy. "Here is more of on comedy and reality because it’s what happens to real women every day. We took on serious issues like relationships."

"I don't give out advice, because I’m lost with love and relationships myself, I do not on giving tips, I'm not a love guru or a love doctor because I’m a love patient myself, I’m just letting you know what I know, to make it funny and people can relate on the stories," Park continues.


Jinri grew up in Cebu, travel back and forth to Korea and Philippines and she feels like more at home here in the country (Philippines).

When asked how do she give herself on relationships and to her job, she replied, "I always like to find myself. In the personal relationship I put in my 100 %, I think it's more worth it. As in the digital show " I put around 70 or 80 %."

Running into your ex? Flirting with your crush? First date? No date? No problem! Learn oh-so-true tips from Korean actress Jinri Park in “JINRIlationships: A Survival Guide to the Dating Life,” an original online series produced by Digital5, the digital channel of TV5, found exclusively on tv5.com.ph.

“JINRIlationships” explores the misadventures, kilig and awkward moments of dating life, with Jinri playing a girl-next-door challenged to find meaningful romance. Each week, viewers are treated to bite-sized situational comedy with dating hacks for both the lovestruck and the lovelorn.

Running for 7-10 minutes per webisode, the comedy series comes in easy-to-share video clips. Among the popular ones are:

· 5 Types of Men According to Jinri Park

· Meeting the Ex

· Rules of Flixting (Flirt Texting)

· 7 Deadly Signs of Relationship Limbo

· Jinri’s Got ‘Da Moves’

· Guys Who Try Too Hard

The show’s brilliant humor is highlighted even more by its director Joel Ferrer, who’s also casted as Jinri’s ever-reliable friendzoned-for-life buddy. Joel, co-writer of the 2014 indie sleeper hit “Blue Bustamante,” adds a street-smart comedy style to JINRIlationships.

JINRIlationships is one of Digital5’s original online exclusives. Another Digital5 production is the lifestyle video blog, “Bloom” (hosted by Maggie Wilson, Bubbles Paraiso, and Mikaela Lagdameo), which premiered last February. Expect to see more original online shows like “Tanods,” “Clash of Class,” and “Kwentong Barbero,” all premiering soon on tv5.com.ph. 

Get your full dose of comedic insights and “park-ibig” tips in JINRIlationships anytime, anywhere, exclusively on tv5.com.ph!

New episodes are uploaded every Monday. Check out episodes of JINRIlationships here!

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