May 11, 2015

All Day Mart aggressively expands reach

All Day is aggressively expanding its reach as its services will be made available in many provinces and municipalities to make sure its presence is felt wherever there's a Filipino family.

Following the success of the All Day Convenience Store chain, particularly in their ability to discern and provide the needs and delights of its buyers, All Day is mobilizing this expertise on a larger scale, creating places where families don’t just drop by, get what they need then leave, but rather venues where friends can meet and parents can bring the kids – making grocery shopping a much-anticipated family affair.

All Day Convenience Store -- What Started It All

All Day convenience store focuses on fulfilling the needs of grab and go shoppers. The store goes beyond offering a broad selection of grocery products with their affordable fast food meals, such as siopao, hotdogs, pizza, soft-serve sundaes and sandwiches, salads, desserts prepared fresh daily. Aside from these,  there are added convenienc as All Day stores are equipped with service centers for your quick cellphone reloading and bills payment.

All Day takes the concept of the convenience store a step further by becoming your everyday neighborhood store and hangout.

A Whole Selection of All Day Marts

Believing that all communities are not the same, All Day has created a line of neighborhood stores: grocery stores smaller than the Supermarket and designed to service the specific needs of a community. Each store is configured and stocked to address the particular day-to-day essentials of each unique neighborhood.

Like in the Supermarket, walking into the All Day Marts transports one into a well-designed mini market place with its numerous fruit and vegetable racks and open chillers.

As neighborhood stores, All Day Marts offer a wide variety of products that is part and parcel of daily living.

One doesn’t need to go far to get one’s groceries fresh and at affordable prices. The All Day Marts carry fresh produce, meat, poultry, bread, and other grocery staples – and each All Day savings tag guarantees that customers are getting a good deal. All Day Mart’s longer operating hours work perfectly for those who prepare breakfast very early in the morning, or come home from work late in the evening.

All Day is setting its sights beyond residential communities and is all set to move into other local neighborhoods, schools, commercial centers, business offices, and key locations around the country.

All Day stores mostly located within Vista Land communities - making it your everyday "neighborhood store" and possibly, hang out. Its location within the community's perimeter makes it a safe place for residents to meet and stock up on needed supplies, including the occasional treats for the kids.

All Day Mart at StarMall Prima, Daang Hari Road, Vista City grand opening and blessings  with Sen. Manny Villar and Camille Villar , May 8, 2015.

Being the only "True Filipino convenience store" in the market and because of its strong affiliation with Vista Land and Camella, the Philippines' largest homebuilders, Manny Villar says that "this home-grown 24/7 one-stop-shop deeply understand the needs and wants of every Filipino." 

"This truly Filipino convenience store deeply understands the needs and wants of every Filipino."
- Manny Villar

*Photos : Arts Travel Magazine

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