May 26, 2015

Epson Corporation marks 40 years

On June 12, 2015, Seiko Epson Corporation (SEC) will mark the 40th anniversary of the Epson brand the company uses on many of its products and services. 

To commemorate the 40th anniversary,  Epson aim to show appreciation to the stakeholders who have supported the brand over the years. Epson also will take a retrospective look at the meaning of the brand and reaffirm the commitment to continuing to provide the customers with products that surprise and delight

Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) capped off another successful fiscal year with the achievement of market leadership in the categories of Projectors, Inkjet, Dot Matrix, and POS printers. 

EPC President & Country Manager Toshimitsu Tanaka as the company shared the achievement with the media during the annual media thanksgiving event, Epson Fusion Six held at the Huma Island Resort and Spa, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines.

As the leading brand in Projectors, Inkjet, Dot Matrix, and POS printers, Epson is now poised to create more opportunities for growth with the innovative products that we offer. We are eager to demonstrate the latest Epson advances that we believe will drive our momentum, as we continue to be the brand of choice among Filipinos," stated EPC President & Country Manager Toshimitsu Tanaka. 

The 40-year story of Epson began in a small Japanese town called Nagano. It started the joumey into the printing business by making the world's first compact, lightweight digital printer - the EP-101. 

Epson (then Daiwa Kogyo) was founded in 1942. Originally a developer and manufacturer of watches, Epson later leveraged its core technologies -- which enable products that are compact, energy saving and high-precision -- to enter and gradually expand in other business areas. As a vertically integrated enterprise with capabilities ranging from product development and manufacture to sales and marketing, Epson began moving into the information equipment business in 1968 with the release of the EP-101 , the world's first compact, lightweight digital printer, and followed this in the 1970s with a succession of computer peripheral products. As the company went on to develop new markets and provide customers around the world with satisfying products and services in a broad range of categories, we decided to develop a unique, original brand. 

Now, Epson is one of the leading digital imaging brands with nearly 70,000 employees in 94 companies around the world. The proprietary core technologies and customer-focused innovation helped make us the brand of choice in the markets serve. 

The Epson brand name comes from the EP-1 01 , the product that kicked off the company's expansion into the information equipment business. The "EP" stands for "electronic printer" and the "SON" represents our desire to follow the original electronic printer with many worthwhile descendants (products and services). 

The "Exceed Your Vision" global tagline that accompanies the Epson brand concisely states our promise to customers that Epson will continue to exceed their expectations. 

"We use Epson's unique core technologies to transform our businesses as customer and societal needs change. Under our current corporate vision, SE15, we are continuing to develop unique products and services in an effort to drive change in four areas: printing, visual communications, quality of life, and manufacturing. Going forward, we will refine these core technologies and will continue to pursue our corporate ethos of creativity and challenge in an effort to provide products an services that bring positive change to the lives of our customers around the world,"  said EPC President & Country Manager Toshimitsu Tanaka, who will concurrently become Managing Director of Epson's Regional office (Epson Singapore Pte. Ltd.), President Director of Epson Thailand, and Director of Epson Indonesia starting June 2015, 

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