May 18, 2015

"Extreme Series: Kaya Mo Ba To?" with DLSU Lady Spiker Michelle Gumabao Faces Extreme King Derek Ramsay

DLSU Lady Spiker, volleyball star, Michelle Gumabao will go against Extreme King, Derek Ramsay on one of the her most physical and intensive ventures yet.

Watch as the King and the Archer take on the dirt and heat on this extreme downhill trike challenge. Will the Lady Archer outdo the king or burn out in the scorching asphalt? 

Will the Extreme King conquer or fall to the greatness of the archer? Or will they fall victim to the punishing downhill track?

Find out in the all-new season of "Extreme Series: Kaya Mo Ba To?" now on its’ new timeslot, airing every Saturday at 9PM on TV5.

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