June 7, 2015

One Lightning Corporation launches the complete beauty regimen

The quest for the ultimate beauty product is now over. One Lightning Corporation has combined together ingredients known for their anti-ageing, moisturizing, and skin protecting effects to create beauty products that have been proven effective and safe. 

Shizen Charcoal soap has been uniquely formulated to be a skin detoxifier, helping to clarify and lighten the skin.

It is a good anti-aging product as well as an effective treatment for acne and other skin problems. With regular use, notice a much younger and suppler skin.


This rare product boasts of ingredients like papaya extract that gives a beautiful glow to your skin. It breaks down inactive cells which cleanses the pores and removes dead skin cells. L-glutathione is a protein that effectively whitens dark spot and blemishes. It is proven safe and is a natural occurring compound which fights free radical and protects skin against caused by UV exposure and free radicals. Activated charcoal has the ability to absorb into the skin and draw out dirt and oil which block the pores.

Niacinamide is known to be a very good skin whitening formula with anti-aging and acne treatment formulation. Virgin Coconut Oil has a soothing and moisturizing effect that is suitable for treating rashes, skin problems and pigmentation. It is ideal for skin care. It helps prevent blemishes, skin cancer, premature aging and wrinkling of skin.

Exclusively distributed by One Lightning Corporation. For more information, call +632 226 4111.

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