July 27, 2015

Be Rich ! Just Roll It!

The most exciting online board game to hit the country - "Just Roll It!"

Casual games are often computer simulations of traditional games such as chess, solitaire, checkers, pinball, poker, sudoku, and mahjong.

Years before, social network games began gaining mainstream popularity following and Facebook games such as FarmVille, Farm Town, Happy Harvest, Jungle Extreme, Farm Villain , YoVille, Mob Wars and Mafia Wars and more which has over 70 million active users worldwide. 

Techies and game developers often create free games for online play. These games have a wide range of gameplay styles, can be played on almost any computer, and are often written to be played from within a web browser, using Flash, or at one point Shockwave. They are more limited in the scope of action, graphics and sound than downloadable games since they are played through the browser. However, many of these developers have pushed the technological envelope in what is possible through the browser often creating full 3D games, 2 player capabilities, save games and other advanced features.

"Just Roll It!" - A free to play online casual board game where you can play with your friends in a classic monopoly game that offers new twists and exciting features. Players take turns in purchasing properties while having a chance to visit the most popular places around the globe.

Watch this video and see how you can be rich through this  game!

Get rolling on the most exciting online board game! Live the life of high roller and just rolling it, win and be rich! Get a chance to win cash daily, weekly and even win the hottest gadgets as we roll the coolest board game in town.

Be the world’s richest game player. Start rolling it and have fun in playing the games with your friends. Here's how: 

This game can be played on a PC with groups of four (4) players for all individuals game or as a team of 2 in a team battle.

Play Just Roll It as one of many colorful character and travel to the world to buy properties and build your own real estate empire! Use your monopoly of the real-estate market to collect rent from other players who land in your own properties and challenge them intro bankruptcy to win the game.

This is not the board game of old. In Just Roll It, each character has special powers to help you shape dice rolls or give you special opportunity to turn the tide in your favor. These skills can be further augmented by building up your character’s level, equipping lucky charms and special dice.

Get rolling but for a limited time, you can live like a high roller online and have lots of cash by just playing Just RollIt. Players can stand a chance to win in the Daily Cash Prize, succeed in the Weekly Raffle, and if you are the lucky guy that you are, you can win in the Monthly Raffle!

You can win P1,000 daily from the monthly prize pool of P62,000 and monthly raffle over three months to win part of the total price pool of one million pesos

The online craze is now ready and waiting for you to play!

Players can easily access the rules page to get the information they need to win. Visit http://justrollit.ph/ and Facebook.

Here's how to play:

Here's more for your fun and exciting games! Just Roll It! and Be Rich! 

Good Luck ! 

Visit the website for more details on winning: http://justrollit.ph/ and Facebook.

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