August 19, 2015

#ChampionPh : Robi Domingo hosts “Tapatan” with Queen of Philippine Cinema Miss Susan Roces

Champion event  host celebrity Robi Domingo asked the media and guests "What exactly does “tapat” mean? "

This was the question posted by Champion Detergent in a “Tapatan with Ms. Susan Roces” held last August 18, 2015 at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel.

People said it means "Loyal", "Sincere" or "Honest", one answered "Committment". Although people define it differently, what holds true across these definitions is that the intent always remains pure and honest – and this transcends both individuals and generations.

Just as “tapat” has been relevant before, it remains relevant even today and especially among today’s youth. And it is this value of katapatan that is shared strongly between Champion Detergent and its long-time brand endorser, Ms. Susan Roces.

The icon, veteran actress, the undisputed Queen of Philippine Cinema, Ms. Susan Roces, who was the perfect speaker for the event, talked about her own views on “katapatan” and how important it is in today’s modern world, especially with the younger generation.

And there was no better person to talk about this topic than veteran actress Ms. Susan Roces known for always delivering top rate performances and setting the standard upon which young actresses today are measured. 

Her new Champion TV commercial, which was also launched on the same day, asked the question, “Ang katapatan, mahalaga pa rin ba sa kabataan?” By the end of the 30-seconder, we are assured that “katapatan” remains a core value in the Filipino youth. The younger generation still finds it important to be true to one’s self, fight every battle fair and square, and do the best in every job even when nobody’s looking.

We are also assured that “katapatan” remains “uso” and relevant despite the influences of the modern age. In fact, manifestations of “tapat” manage to resurface time and again among millenials -- in their conversations and in social media. Reaffirming Champion’s belief that “tapat” truly is enduring across generations.

With the tagline, “Tapat po sa inyo,” Champion Detergent hopes to inspire every Filipino to perform every task with honesty and integrity. In the same way that the brand is constantly motivated by its belief in doing the right thing, thereby enabling Filipinas to have cleaner homes and better lives via products with uncompromised quality that they deserve.

Indeed, a Tapatan with the generous and inspirational Susan Roces was a tremendous event that truly upheld Champion Detergent’s principles, further proving what we Filipinos already know about the brand – “Tapat po sa inyo.”

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