September 10, 2015

Six over-the-top amenities found in Philippine condos

Tired of the usual amenities? These extravagant features found in some of Metro Manila’s condominiums are anything but ordinary.

These days, it’s no longer enough for condo buyers to have amenities like swimming pools and basketball courts. These are considered common conveniences found in every other development, which leads buyers to look for condos that have a bit more to offer.

In one way or another, condo residents want to feel pampered (spoiled, even), so real estate developers go the extra mile when it comes to providing unique amenities that won’t have condo residents straying far from their own backyard. lists a few high-class features experienced by people who prefer to live it up in their condos.

Unique sports facilities

Fitness buffs look for more than just comfort and safety in a condo; they also need facilities that’ll feed their constant desire to train and have fun in their sport of choice. Victoria Sports Towers in Quezon City raised the bar in terms of athletic facilities with its four-level sports complex which, aside from the usual basketball and tennis courts, also boasts of a bowling alley, rock-climbing and rappelling facilities, and a shooting range.

Luxurious pools

Swimming pools will always be a staple in condos, but very few make an effort to provide more than just a place where you can get a few refreshing laps. Azure Urban Resort Residences in Parañaque is most popularly known for its man-made beach, which comes with powdery white sand, waterfalls, beach coves, artificial waves, a beach volleyball court, and a beach bar. For a more relaxing dip, Essensa Private Residences in Taguig has an indoor heated swimming pool.

Entertainment centers

These days, game rooms and playgrounds are almost expected of a condo, so those who want to set themselves apart really go all out in presenting recreational options. For instance, The Lerato and Fortune Hill will have music rooms where residents can practice and play musical instruments at their leisure. At developments like Solemare Parksuites in Parañaque and One Rockwell in Makati, a mini theater is at your disposal so you can see a movie whenever you want.Wellness services

It’s one thing to have access to health and wellness businesses that are renting condo’s commercial complex, it’s another to have them readily available because they’re actually within the development. Residents of Knightsbridge Residences in Makati can spend their spa day right in the condo at its very own relaxing facility. The Beacon, also in Makati, has its own personal clinic open to residents for emergencies, while a dental clinic can cater to the oral-care needs of Victoria Sports Towers’ occupants. Makati’s The Stratford Residences has—wait for it—a beauty salon within the premises to get you ready for a party.


We’ve seen them in movies, TV shows, and probably the homes of our more, let’s say, well-off friends: butlers are the ultimate providers of personal services, which makes having one at your beck and call almost a status symbol. Raffles Residences in Makati and Grand Hyatt Manila Residences in Taguig are two condos that offer butler services to residents who are willing to pay more to have their particular needs met.


For the ultimate business tycoon, traveling via helicopter is probably a regular thing, which would mean they’ll need a helipad to make their quick and grand getaway. Only a handful of developments carry such a lavish feature, including Two Roxas Triangle in Makati, Pacific Plaza Towers in Taguig, and 1322 Golden Empire Tower in Manila.

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