October 14, 2015

Living Redefined: Amaia Steps Parkway Nuvali Upcycling Challenge

The first-ever Upcycling Challenge where teams of amateur and professional designers and upcycling enthusiasts will gather and compete for the best design and execution.

TURN TRASH INTO CASH! Join the first Amaia Steps Parkway Nuvali Upcycling Challenge and get a chance to win P100,000 in cash!

Activity Description:

The Upcycling Challenge is a whole day activity at Amaia Parkway Nuvali that aims to promote the brand’s advocacy for environmental awareness. The participants will each be given 24-hours to create marketable and practical home products using a selected material and will be reviewed by a panel of judges upon completion.

Theme:  “Living Redefined”

Display Dates:

Upcycled products will be displayed on October 18 but will remain open for public viewing until removed by Amaia Land Corp.


1. This contest is open to Filipino professional artists and students who are at least 15 years old.
2. Participants must form a team composed of two to three (2-3) members only to qualify.


1. Interested participants must first submit a soft copy of their registration forms and design proposal to the contest secretariat via email to upcycleamaia@gmail.com in JPEG or PDF format only. The design proposal must provide a comprehensive execution plan of a home product using PLASTIC SOFTDRINK BOTTLES as raw material. The email must also include the following: 
A. Group Name
B. Names of all the members
C. Title of the Piece
D. Type of Home Product
2. Submitted design proposals must be products that are useful for Amaia homeowners and consistent to the theme “Living Redefined.”
3. The submitted design proposals will first be reviewed by Amaia’s designated panel of judges who will then make a short-list. The 10 short-listed designs will be considered as official finalists of the contest.
4. Deadline of submission of design proposals is on October 15 at 8PM.
5. The finalists will be announced on October 16 at 12NN.
1. Contestants will be notified through text and email if their design proposals are short-listed and are part of finalists of the contest.
2. The finalists will then be invited to the Amaia Parkway Nuvali Grounds where they will execute their respective designs. Amaia Land Corp. will provide the 10 finalists with P3,000 for raw materials and supplies and transportation to the site. New materials will be allowed to be incorporated, however, the entry must contain at least 75% of the required upcycling raw material (plastic softdrink bottle). 
3. All entries must be made on the spot from scratch. The session will begin on October 17 at 10AM and will end on October 18 at 10AM. Failure to show up during the scheduled date of the design painting will mean forfeiture of the slot given to them.
4. The organizers reserve the right to add teams on the following reasons:
a. Ties in the selection of proposals
b. Replacement for teams who backed out
5. Upon completion of their pieces, the panel of judges will then review finalists’ works and name the winners on October 18 at 11AM. 


1. All chosen finalists’ works will be displayed in Amaia Land Corp.’s official Facebook page.
2. The artwork with the most number of “likes” will win a special prize from Amaia Land Corp. apart from the regular prizes to be won in the regular contest proper.

1 Retail Specialist
1 Art Critic or Upcycling Expert
1 Representative from Amaia Land Corp.

40% Creativity, Execution and Level of Difficulty 
30% Marketability
30% Retail Value

CHAMPION: Glass Trophy, P100,000 Cash
2ND PLACE: Glass Trophy, P50,000 Cash
3RD PLACE: Glass Trophy, P25,000 Cash
FACEBOOK MOST LIKED: Glass Trophy, P10,000 Cash


1. The judges’ decision is final and unappealable.
2. All finalists’ entries shall be considered properties of Amaia Land Corp. and may be used by the company for exhibit and promotional purposes (ie. PR, Collaterals, Print, Point of Sale Materials, Merchandising Materials, website) with due credits to the owner.
3. Employees, family members, and relatives up to the third consanguinity of Amaia Land Corp. are prohibited from joining the contest.
4. Entries that do not conform to the above requirements shall be disqualified from the contest.

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