January 11, 2016

Fun, Smart, Quick and Creative Education at Quipper School

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Academic success is something that many students want. This academic and also non-academic success will surely help with their career in the future.

Young people today are expert learners. How to make learning easy? The key is to make learning UN-boring. Fun, Smart, Quick and Creative Education at Quipper School. 

With Quipper School, a whole new learning experience for teachers, students and all!

At Quipper school where everyone has easy access to quality education and is empowered to create a better future. 

Quipper use technology to improve the quality of education by creating the best teaching and learning experience.

Quipper School is a free e-learning platform that helps teachers manage multiple classes and assess each student’s individual performance.

Quipper School allows the students to go through a series of Q&A’s until they fully understand. Students master specific topics, layering their knowledge while enjoying Quipper School's activities.
“At Quipper, we want to make the world a smarter, better connected place. We want to empower teachers and students by supplementing traditional methods with a platform that's powerful and exciting, but simple too. Teachers, join us today and start boosting your students' results!" said Masayuki Watanabe, CEO of Quipper.

Quipper helps both the teach and the students for the K-12 program, through online education or e-learning .

The Philippines implemented the K-12 program started 2013. The K-12 program which covers 13 years of basic education in the following key stages – Kindergarten to Grade 3, Grades 4 to 6, Grades 7 to 10 (which is called Junior High School) and Grades 11 to 12 (called Senior High School).

Philippines is on the fifth year of the implementation of the K-12 Program. The last mile is the Senior High School. All 221 divisions of the Department of Education (DepEd) have finished planning and have figures on enrollment a year in advance. The increase in the number of years for pre-university requirements means the College General Education curriculum will have fewer units. Subjects that have been taken up in the K-12 Basic Education will be removed from the College General Education curriculum.

There are ready-made materials for teachers created by local subject matter experts aligned with the K-12 curriculum.

Teachers can inspire students by empowering them. Teachers take the learning revolve around the students world as much as possible. Students have to make connections in their reading, so connecting their world to the work makes all the difference.

For teachers

LINK for teachers

Teachers manage classes, send assignments to their students and get analytics on the performance of their students.

Quipper School Link allows teachers to manage their classes, split their students into groups, create assignments and get digestible data on how their students are performing. 

CREATE for creating content

Teachers can simply and painlessly publish their own educational content for their schools or classes.

For students

LEARN for students

Students build their knowledge through 'mastery' of topics, modules and courses, earning rewards and having fun as they go.

Quipper School Learn enables students to complete their teachers' specific assignments and to access full courses; they can also isolate their strengths and weaknesses all while earning coins in recognition of their progress. 

Teachers and students are also able to communicate seamlessly between the platforms via private messages and public announcements.

At Quipper school, free e-learning platform for teachers and students with ready-made lessons and quizzes. No strings, no hidden charges. Register and start using their core service for free.

Quipper Video – an online service that offers top-notch video content and online assessments to cater to 21st century learners.

Online video lessons and assessments for students to learn anytime anywhere.

Quipper live - Online class platform for teachers and students where lessons are interactive and real-time.

Learn is also available as an Android.

Quipper School unites and empowers teachers and students online, increasing knowledge and improving results.

Quipper School in the Philippines is located at the 23rd floor of GT Tower, Ayala Avenue and H.V. dela Costa Street, Makati City. 

Visit their website via http://www.quipper.com/ or e-mail them at support@quipper.com.

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