March 17, 2016

Solignum awarded Superbrand status anew

Solignum, the leading wood preservative brand, was recently awarded Superbrand status for the fourth time.

“We are extremely honored to be conferred this award again. This validates our continued efforts to provide houseowners quality products for wood preservation and protection,” said Ms. Peachy Tiu, Marketing Manager, Jardine Distribution, Inc, upon receiving the award last December 9, 2015 at the Crown Regency Hotel.

Solignum, which now boasts more eco-friendly variants, was among the list of awardees during 2014-2015—the 9thVolume of Superbrands awardees.

Superbrands, an independent global arbiter in branding, confers awards on the strongest and most trusted brands in the country. It came to the Philippines in 1997, giving the worldwide seal for the first time in Asia.
L-R Mr. Kenneth Prieto, Marketing Director Superbrands Marketing International, Inc., Mr. Karl McLean, Chairman, Superbrand Marketing International, Inc., Ms. Chanda Velardo, Marketing Officer, Jardine Distribution, Inc., Ms. Peachy Tiu, Marketing Manager, Jardine Distribution, Inc., Mr. Harry Tambuatco, President & CEO, Superbrand International, Inc., Atty. Sara Suguitan, Corporate legal Council, Superbrands Marketing International, Inc.

The award-giving body confers the award on brands or companies that meet the following criteria: market dominance, consumer loyalty, market acceptability, goodwill, and longevity. Superbrands likerwise serves as an effective communication tool for consumer education.

True to its to its commitment of caring for the Filipino homes, Jardine Distribution Inc (JDI) recently added Solignum Exterior to its growing list of variants, allowing Jardine to meet the demand for more environment-friendly treatments. Considered as the most advanced of its kind in the market, Solignum Exterior and is made with the least amount of chemicals without sacrificing product efficacy.

Moreover, Solignum Exterior is formulated using the micro-emulsion technology, which allows the liquid component to more effectively penetrate the wood and do its job of preserving it — a technology not found in other brands.

Solignum Exterior has both termiticide and fungicide that protect the wood against termites, wood borers, and fungi.

Solignum products, can be applied by using a brush , using the three-coat process. Meantime, a Solignum Aerosol is available for spraying on hard-to-reach areas.

Jardine’s Solignum is available in leading hardware stores and Do it Yourself stores nationwide. For more information, go to

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