April 25, 2016

Chef Rob, A Food Rebel with a Cause

All of us must maintain a healthy lifestyle - to live life to the fullest and enjoy a wonderful life. If we are having healthy diet, it’s important to be able to understand the nutritional information of the foods you eat. You should be able to get the majority of vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs from a healthy variety of foods. Of course, we must know what food we should be eating - - and what we should be avoiding. 

The Filipino taste is highly selective and conservative when it comes to tradition. Even with food, our palate is very discerning as we always yearn for that Filipino flavor no matter where we are around the world. But there is one rebel who is brave enough to shake up the status quo. He has revolutionized the local cuisine by challenging stronghold traditions and infusing intercontinental culture and heritage into his food—a feat that he has accumulated through his years as a global chef. And he has done so successfully with pure ingenuity and nerves.
Chef Rob Pengson

Chef Rob Pengson -  An award-winning chef, a mentor, a business owner, a TV host, a creative, a risk-taker, a rebel in the food scene, and now a brand ambassador, he does all of these for his most important role: a husband and a father. 
‘My family is everything to me. I strive to be the multifaceted individual that I want to become because I want to give the best to them,’ shares Chef Rob when he is asked about the cause of his revolutionary approach in and out of the kitchen. 
‘Of course, my family is the top force that drives me to keep going in life. But I also need a partner that can keep up with my busy and active lifestyle. A partner that can provide me with mental and physical energy to literally keep me going! Good thing I have discovered Pharmaton!’

Pharmaton combines vitamins and minerals with ginseng G115® and deanol for improved mental and physical performance. This dual combination helps combat stress and fatigue, and raise body’s immune system for better protection from viral and bacterial infection, while managing inner physical and mental energy. Moreover, it also improve overall mood, memory, and attention. Along with other vitamins and essential ingredients combined, you’re guaranteed to keep going in life!

‘As a chef, ingredients are key in transforming any dish into a lavish cuisine. I also apply the same principle when choosing my multivitamins,’ Chef Rob describes. He further explains, ‘I’ve tried a lot already, but nothing compares to Pharmaton. With vitamins + minerals + ginseng G115® + Deanol, what more can you ask for?’

When asked what’s next for Chef Rob, he shares - 

‘I want to continue to innovate the Filipino cuisine that I serve in my restaurants. Perhaps think of new concepts with my wife. She’s also a chef and a Pharmaton user. So you can just imagine how energetic our brainstorming is!’ 

With this surplus of energy, Chef Rob even has the bandwidth to also spend quality time with his family. This is the meaning of work-life balance for him – sharing his successes, time, and energy to people who mean the world to him.

Chef Rob is just one of the many users who have strived for success with Pharmaton as their partner. And now, you can start your own success story too. 

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