May 23, 2016

‘To achieve goals, we need empowered leaders’ - AFFI

Recognizing the importance of strong leader-figures in the realization of its goals, the Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc. (AFFI) has recently launched the first Leadership Council Conference for its board officers at the Pioneer House, Makati City.

With the theme “Thriving Nation through Empowered Business Leaders”, the whole-day event focused on instilling the organization’s five core values acronymed as NICES (Nationalism, Integrity-Leadership, Camaraderie, Enterprising, and Service) in the members of its leadership council.

The conference was faciltated by AFFI Honorary Member and Toastmaster Sonia Roco, Philippine Environmental Sustainability advocate Antonio Ingles, and motivational speaker and author, Jayson Lo. Some of the topics highlighted were sustainable environmental acts for business continuity, and social issues that can be answered by the business sector.

“What every group needs is an empowered leader. Inspiration ignites change, and empowerment creates success. That’s what we try to emulate thru our members and officers,” says AFFI Treasurer and Leadership Conference Program Head Teresita Ngan Tian of Lots’ A Pizza. “We can lay out plans every year to help our businesses and the entire community grow, but unless we have leaders who have the will, the skills and the passion to enact those plans, we would not be able to reach our vision by 2020.”

Ngan Tian is referring to the association’s Thrive Towards 2020 roadmap in conjunction with the full-implementation of the ASEAN integrated economy in the same year.

The event was sponsored by Pioneer Insurance, Fiorgelato, Peanut World, Ferino’s Bibingka, Aquabest, Nail It!, and Ink All-you-can.​

​AFFI’s current Leadership Council poses for a group photo after the successful conference.

​One of the conference’s mentors, Ms. Sonia Roco, and AFFI leaders pledge commitment to the Philippine flag as a promise to help solve the country’s problems thru responsible business acts.

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