July 24, 2016

Take Selfies Like the Kardashians with Lumee at Affordable Price!

Here's the secret to Kim Kardashian’s great selfies!

Today everyone wants to be seen in their best light, and LuMee makes it happen. This brilliant front-lit smartphone case is changing the way people shoot and share social media.

It’s your time to shine with LuMee available in all Switch stores and Globe GEN 3 stores nationwide for only Php2,490 for iPhone6/s and Php2,690 for iPhone 6/s Plus.

4 reasons why you would love to have this LuMee iPhone Case:

1. Brilliant Vacation Memories

After a gorgeous day in the country, the fun doesn’t have to set with the sun. LuMee brightens all your best vacation moments.

2. Nightlife

After dark is when you & LuMee really shine. At clubs or concerts, limos or luaus, restaurants or rooftop parties, you can take brighter selfless selfless, video chat, even apply makeup brilliantly. Light up the night right with LuMee!

3. Special Events

Look your best, day and night, LuMee provides the light that’s right. Brides and groom, besties and guests love LuMee. It’s the must have special event accessory!

4. Everyday

LuMee Shines bright everyday. From lighter selfies to brighter ussies, putting in FaceTime or putting on makeup, LuMee is there for you. Pics you’ll want to post. Selfies you’re sure to share.

LuMee is social, fun, outgoing, bright, and illuminating. So be like Kim Kardashian and share your great selfies too with your LuMee case!

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