August 2, 2016

PLDT opens premier VITRO Data Center in Makati

Leading telecoms and digital services provider PLDT has opened the country’s biggest data center at Makati City, the country’s premier business district, to serve a wide range of organizations, particularly those handling vital data such as banks, business process outsourcing (BPO) firms, IT and content providers and government institutions.

VITRO, set up by PLDT subsidiary ePLDT,  is a network of world-class data centers, guaranteeing continuous business operations for enterprise organizations. Highly robust, secure and scalable infrastructure, unparalleled connectivity, and 24×7 technical support capabilities, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

(L-R) Opening of VITRO Data Center Makati with Jovy Hernandez, FVP; Eric Alberto, PLDT EVP & ePLDT President and CEO; Nerrisa Ramos, Chief Operating Officer; and David Simon, Chief Technology Officer & Service Delivery & Operations Group Head.

The newest VITRO Data Center sits on a nearly two-hectare property with 3,600-rack capacity. It is equipped with systems and facilities to guarantee continuous operations, ensuring that businesses can utilize robust and scalable digital infrastructure, as well as world-class 24/7 technical support capabilities.
“PLDT is investing heavily in our VITRO data centers as we believe that these facilities are one of the basic building blocks of the country’s digital economy. This data center will be a vital resource for companies as they ramp up their own digital services,” said PLDT Chairman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan.
The new earthquake-resistant, purpose-built data center in Makati is built on solid ground without seismic faults within its proximity. In addition, special architectural techniques and materials planning were implemented to provide the data center with fire-rated concrete walls and flood-protected design.

VITRO Makati is rated to withstand earthquakes up to intensity eight in the Richter scale. The data center is also compliant with global design standards.

“PLDT recognizes how vital it is for enterprises to ensure stable operations despite changes in the external environment. The need for scalable and secure hosting facilities to house and manage critical platforms is also growing in importance as the enterprise becomes more data-driven as a result of continuous digital transformation initiatives,” said PLDT Executive Vice President and ePLDT President and CEO Eric R. Alberto.

VITRO Makati offers one of the most secure and impenetrable structures in the Philippines with an eight-layer security design, guaranteeing that data and applications will always be protected and secured 

Each major component of the facility is configured with redundant counterparts in place that seamlessly operate to anticipate adverse events, including power generators and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units, among others. 

As part of the VITRO network of data centers, VITRO Makati also serves as a carrier-neutral Internet Exchange facility that provides numerous IP peering services, enabling access to local and international content.

VITRO Makati is also a Nexcenter-certified facility, allowing its clients to use globally standardized Nexcenter services of world leader NTT Com at some 140 locations in 84 cities of 19 countries, in addition to NTT Com’s Arcstar Universal One private-network service, which is already available in the Philippines and which is largely used by the country’s BPO industry.
“As the world becomes even more digitally connected, Filipino enterprises must leverage on new technologies to ensure the security and resilience of their operations. PLDT’s digital platforms can enable enterprises to take advantage of disruptive technologies, secure their operations, and promote growth in their businesses,” said Alberto.
The PLDT Group now operates seven data centers all over the country with a total rack capacity of nearly 7,000 to serve the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises across various industries, including banking, financial services, outsourcing, telecoms, and gaming.

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