March 15, 2017

Dystocia (Difficulty in Mother's Labor) Forum hosted by ManilaMed

Hospitals and healthcare institution provides patient treatment with specialized medical and nursing staff and medical equipment. Hospitals adopt strategies to address challenges or proactively reinforce their values, and will make waves in their healthcare.  Medical staff and doctors who are eminent in their areas of specialty always do research and always teach staff, nurses, and medical students more.

* ManilaMed

ManilaMed values the good of every patient before anything else. This is why ManilaMed strives to equip them with only state-of-the-art medical equipment and the country’s top healing professionals, still with compassionate healthcare at their very core. 

What touches more my heart about ManilaMed is their creed, “For every person who walks through our doors we promise nothing but our very best – all in the interest of making them feel better." From this, I concluded to myself that they’re not just a typical hospital in the country. They are healing professionals with a heart for the patient. They are not just doing their job; they are inspiring every patient as instruments to really feel better.

Moreover, ManilaMed values the good of every patient before anything else by responding to the needs of the community in the preservation of health through education, training and research.

* Center for Women's Health

As the first hospital in the Philippines to provide a center specifically for women, ManilaMed has 5 major subspecialties that are now housed in this one stop shop center – Center for Women’s Health, all of them concerned with health conditions specifically for females.

Dra. Maynila Domingo

Last February 16, a forum about Dystocia (Difficulty in Labor) was hosted by ManilaMed at Dr. Paulo C. Campos Hall of the hospital located at UN Avenue, Manila.

I was glad that I was invited to participate in the forum about Dystocia attended by medical students, health professionals, patients, and the general public. 

I have learned a lot of things during the forum that I can relate into as a mother. I am glad to share to you what I have discovered which can be of great help for all mothers and soon-to-be mothers.

Dra. Maynila Domingo of ManilaMed’s Maternal and Fetal Medicine was the speaker during the forum whom I have learned many things in understanding the process of normal labor and delivery, the causes of dysfunctional labor, the risk factors for dysfunctional labor, and the management and prevention of dysfunctional labor.

First, let us know what Dystocia is. 

The word dystocia, as what Dra. Domingo said is a difficult labor, abnormal labor, difficult childbirth, abnormal childbirth, and dysfunctional labor.

Dystocia is a dysfunctional labor from failure of the expulsive power of the womb, from obstruction to the birth passage or from abnormalities in the size, shape or presentation of the baby.

LABOR is the process that leads to childbirth. It begins with the onset of regular uterine contractions and ends with delivery of the newborn and expulsion of the placenta. It is undoubtedly true that pregnancy and birth are part of a physiological processes, and as such, labor and delivery should be considered to be normal for most women (Lawrence, 2012)

  • Expulsion of the fetus from the uterus

      - Normal spontaneous vaginal delivery 
      - Assisted vaginal delivery (forceps, vacuum)

       - Caesarean section

During the Dystocia Forum, Dra. Domingo shared the factors that influence labor and delivery and she presented the 5 P's of Labor :
  • Passage
  • Position
  • Passenger
  • Psyche
  • Power

The Dystocia Forum was a great medium for medical students. I have also learned a lot about dysfunctional labor on childbirth.

From this forum, I have realized the essence of being a mother. A mother’s duty is to raise her children the way she deems right, so that they may become as responsible as her, to make sacrifices for those she loves and to give of her best. Good thing there’s Center for Women’s Heath wherein women can take care of themselves better with quality services from ManilaMed’s healing professionals. I must say there is a need to take ManilaMed’s new Center for Women’s Health on the spotlight. 

Being a mother means being there to teach your child important rules and roles of life, from being an empathetic human being to learning how to be responsible of one's actions. Mothers will guide their children to figure out their goals and values in life as well as teach them the importance of education, manners and more. Mothers will also discipline their children, a skill that will benefit children throughout their journey whether at school, work and in life. 

So it’s better to take care of ourselves too to take care of our family. For me, that’s the essence of being a mother.

Learn more about the Center for Women’s Health at the 5th Floor of ManilaMed, United Nations Avenue corner Taft Avenue, Manila 1000.

For more information, visit,

And their other social media accounts : 

Instagram: @manilamed

Or you may call 02-5238131 local 3100/3101

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