June 26, 2017

Fresh Options : Celebrations made easy

Celebrations, Parties, Reunions ....Whenever summer rolls in, families and friends always seem to find a reason to get together and rekindle old ties. Whether it’s a simple, impromptu family reunion, a visit to lolo and lola in the province, the town fiesta, a barkada summer outing, the neighborhood basketball league competition or celebrating your daughter’s Reyna Elena rank in the Santa Cruzan, Filipinos just love to gather around and celebrate both big and small milestones. 

Social gatherings or salo-salos are so common that they’re practically a way of life. That doesn’t mean that preparing for salo-salos are a breeze. Planning, organizing and setting up a party can be overwhelming especially if you’re pressed for time. 

Here are some tips on how you can make celebrations easy:

Let everyone in on the fun. 

Organizing a get-together can be quite overwhelming especially if the schedule is a bit tight. Ask your family and friends to help out in the preparations. Get their ideas on the theme, the type of party setting and their preferred entertainment for the big day. Let your loved ones know that you value their help and are counting on them to pitch in to make sure the celebration is a success. 

The more hands the merrier.

Celebrations that would draw a big crowd like family reunions, fiestas or the celebratory require a lot of hands on deck. Ask your loved ones to help out before, during and after the get-together. Group your friends and relatives into teams that will handle specific roles such as food, venue and entertainment. 

Eats matter. 

Of course, the highlight of every salo-salo is the food. Start your menu planning by keeping your family and guests’ food preferences and allergies in mind. To make your event preparations less challenging, choose delicious yet easy-to-prepare meals like Fresh Options’ Crispy Pata, Pork Humba, Beef Kare-Kare or Chicken Galantina De Manille. For outdoor or more casual celebrations, you can also try Fresh Options’ Garlic Chicken, Ilocos Bagnet, Pork Sisig, and Bopis. 

With the special activities that families have this summer, get-togethers can be fun as long as it is planned out step by step. It is made extra special with Fresh Options’ assorted value-added meat. Preparing for the celebration is now made easy! All you have to do is microwave or pan fry the Fresh Options’ value-added meat you want to enjoy. 

Fresh Options value-added product lines are yummy and easy to prepare. They're available at outlets and supermarkets nationwide.

Fresh Options Meat Shop is proudly Filipino owned and operated and is based in Pampanga, taking pride in providing customers with fresh and safe meats. Expert veterinarians and technical personnel develop farm feeds, take care of the animals’ health and nutrition, and is certified “AA” by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS). Fresh Options Meat Shops can be found in Central Luzon and Metro Manila.

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