February 1, 2018

Regal tells a fresh 'Feb-Ibig' tale via "My Fairy Tail Love Story"

One of this 2018's best movies to watch out for  - the Regal's "MY FAIRY TAIL LOVE STORY" 

This Valentine's Day, prepare to celebrate extraordinarily inside the cinemas as Regal Entertainment Inc. treats the lovers and the singles with a not-so-ordinary tale of love through its latest offering, "My Fairy Tail Love Story."

Topbilled by Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona, the film will take moviegoers to a journey under the sea as Janella's character, the pampered princess, Chantel was cursed to be a mermaid who could not speak but can only sing to air her thoughts.

Popularly known as the ElNella loveteam, Janella and Elmo's onscreen chemistry has been recognized by fans and critics since their team-up was launched in 2016 via primetime series "Born For You" on ABS-CBN. Since then, the two talentend showbiz progenies (Elmos is the son of the late OPM legend Francis Magalona; Janella is the daughter of actress-singer Jenine Desiderio) have been enjoying the limelight as one of their generation's hottest loveteams.

After several TV specials and blockbuster movies, ElNella is now ready to take a new project with an extraordinary story.

"Our movie will remind everyone how thoughts and wishes could be so powerful," said Janella. "Chantel's story will open our eyes not only to the beauty of the marine life but to the real beauty of our own lives and the people who love us unconditionally."

Elmo, meanwhile, shared his excitement on how the audience will react to their not-so-ordinary movie. 

"While we join our characters in their quest to figure out how Chantel could be turned back to a human again, we will all surely be proud of this film that has just the right Disney feels that will make us remember all our happy feelings as a kid," said Elmo who plays Noah the bestfriend of Chantel.

On the other hand, another lead star of the movie, Kiko Estrada described "My Fairy Tail Love Story" as a brave Valentine's Day movie that will courageously go head to head with several international movies that will hit the cinemas on the same playdate as their movie.

"We believe that what will set us apart from the foreign films is our story, which is closest to the hearts of Pinoy viewers," said Kiko who plays Ethan, Chantel's crush. "We'll tackle family, friends and the challenges that ordinary Filipinos face. It's something that we can all connect to, especially to millennials like us who are still exploring life and finding out the real meaning of true love." 

Movie Synopsis:
MY FAIRY TAIL LOVE STORY is a twist to the usual fairy tale romance. In our story, Chantel is a spoiled brat who did not heed warnings against disturbing a coral formation under the sea. Because of this, she wakes up discovering she has been turned into a mermaid. With the help of her best friend Noah, Chantel tries to break the curse, thinking that the answer lies in that most magical of solutions: true love’s kiss from a Prince Charming. Chantel pursues DJ Ethan, a self-proclaimed “Prince of Electronic Dance Music,” much to the chagrin of Noah. But even as Ethan and Chantel supposedly find love, and even as Noah finds the courage to profess his true feelings for Chantel, our cursed heroine soon discovers that love is not as simple as fairy tales make it out to be. 

Directed by Perci Intalan, "My Fairy Tail Love Story" stars Janella Salvador as Chantel, Elmo Magalona as Noah and Kiko Estrada as Ethan. Also casts include Kiray Celis as Missy, Dimples Romana as Natasha, Dominic Ochoa as Robert, Kakai Bautista as Myrna, Rubi Rubi as Nana Gurang, Kaladkaren Davila as herself with Dino Pastrano

Experience a unique romantic tale of love this Valentine's Day by watching "My Fairy Tail Love Story" as it hits cinemas nationwide on February 14.

For more information and latest updates about "My Fairy Tail Love Story," simply visit Regal’s official social media accounts: Facebook.com/ RegalEntertainmentInc/, Twitter.com/regalfilms, Instagram.com/regalfilms50, and Youtube.com/RegalCinema.

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