June 3, 2018

ELS Clean Tech Corporation and Electrolux Warehouse Inaugurated

Electrolux Laundry System or ELS Philippines, Inc. officially launched and inaugurates ELS Clean Tech Corporation and Electrolux Warehouse Showroom on June 1, 2018 at the Greenland Executive Village, Cainta, Rizal.

 ELS Philippines inaugurated  ELS Clean Tech Concept and held the blessings of ELS Warehouse Showroom on June 1, 2018 in Greenland, Cainta, Rizal led by ELS Phils President and Managing Director Joey Ermita, Vice President B A Dizon Ermita and ELS Clean Tech General Manager Jojo Javier.

Strong Better Together - ELS Clean Tech Concept Corporation is a product of two leading multinational companies in cleaning industry – Electrolux, the forefront in advance and professional laundry cleaning and AVET AG, they level and successfully professionalized the microfiber mops segment of the cleaning industry using Electrolux Machines.

Joey Ermita , ELS Phils President and Managing Director
The concept of bringing in the  market a Cleaning tool that can pass the stringent requirement of sanitized and sterilized environment has been developed since the 90’s and just waiting to be launched commercially. Unfortunately, the market conditions restricts the entry of high end microfiber mops into the market due to high cost to manufacture, maintain and target pilferage rate below 10%.

With the onset of RFID, advance technology and loT the cost and creativity synergy has found a median area to introduce theses highly functional and effective cleaning tool in the market. This is where ELS Clean Tech Concept came in. Armed with the market leadership in laundry business and supportive global team from Electrolux.

The Concept of Laundering Microfiber mops as a tool to penetrate the cleaning industry was born and Electrolux Warehouse Showroom will cater the market growth to showcase their global strength and innovation. Instead of selling the high-end, effective but expensive Microfiber mops and mop handle, ELS Clean Tech will rent out and support their client in their commitment of a clean and sanitized facility. The income for ELS Clean Tech will come from washing and loading sanitizing agents into the microfiber mops.

The ELS Clean Tech support shall come as lending out of the high end Microfiber mops, mop handle and accessories. To be strengthen out by a partnership contract to guide both parties in providing a clean and sanitized facilities for the market.

Jojo Javier, ELS Clean Tech General Manager explains the AVET AG – claraclean 2.0 microfiber mop system
The AVET AG – claraclean 2.0 microfiber mop system is the only one in the market that can load cleaning agents and chemicals into their microfiber mops after a program based washing and drying. They made sure that storage shall never be a problem for their target clientele.

For more information, visit https://elsphilippines.com/ and ELS Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/elsphilippines/

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