September 3, 2018

BTS Hits 10 Million YouTube Subscribers

The Bangtan boys' YouTube channel hits 10 million subscribers.
 (Image from BTS' Instagram account)
Since their channel creation on December 2012, BTS YouTube channel BANGTANTV has already garnered 10 million subscribers, making them the first Korean boy group to reach 10 Million subscribers on YouTube.

Pinoy fans are showing strong support, even making it to the top ten audience of the group alongside fans from South Korea, United States, and Japan.
BTS is among YouTube’s 20 most-viewed artists globally, based on data gathered from January 2018 to mid-August 18.
BTS is composed of 7 members and is currently one of the most popular Korean pop group acts worldwide. The Bangtan boys have broken records left and right – both on newer platforms like YouTube and music institutions like Billboard. They won Top Social Artist for the 2nd year in a row and performed “Fake Love” during the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

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