September 15, 2018

Take Juan step at a time, here are some simple steps to become a Juan Earth Hero

Philippines is considered rich in natural resources for we have fertile arable lands, high diversity of plants and animals, extensive coastlines, and rich mineral deposits. We must help in keeping the environment to become more clean and green, preserves the generation as the inspiration of mother nature. 

It takes only a few simple steps, the involvement and commitment of the people concerned, and a few adjustments in existing working and management systems to make environmental awareness a habit. 

Be part of the solution not part of the pollution. Start with a single step and make a giant leap in saving Mother Earth. 

Here are the simple steps to become a Juan Earth  eco-warrior: 

Carry your own mug, straw, and spoon and fork everywhere 

Did you know that in the Philippines 6,237,653 kg of plastic are being wasted per day? If plastic production, use, and mismanagement continue, there is a huge possibility that there will be more plastics swimming in the ocean than fish by 2050. So, small actions like bringing your own eco bag, mug, cutlery, and straws can make a widespread global advocacy to reduce plastic waste and save our water resources. 

Be eco-friendly beautiful 

When buying your makeup, perfume, lotion, or other beauty essentials, always choose the products which ingredients are organic rather than those loaded with harmful chemicals. With that, you’ll be more confident that the creams you are applying to your skin are as friendly as to the environment. 

Bring out your DIY skills and get crafty 

Old magazines are stripped to make picture frames, tansan or crown cork are crafted into necklaces, juice tetrapacks are recycled into stylish wallets and bags you can sell, and pet bottles are transformed into ecobricks to build chairs, tables, stairs, or even a house. See? You have not just avoided throwing them in the garbage, but you have converted trash into cash. 

Think twice before buying or using animal products 

Those charming animal keychains from souvenir shops or that luxurious fur coat you wear may look fascinating but take note that these animals are being poached for their skin or being used for scientific research. Aside from the destruction of their natural habitat, killing them in large numbers for commercial use makes these species under the threat of extinction. The question is: would you really want to wear that glamorous couture or hang those mummified keychains behind its bloody and gruesome history? Think twice. 

Take Juan step to make an advocacy 

Philippines is not just rich in natural resources but with eco-warriors too. Non-government organizations are doing their Pinoy duties towards environment and animal protection. Some of these NGOs initiate projects such as seedling adoption for reforestation, pawikan and giant clam adoption to retrieve these species, and cats and dogs adoption to save these abused home pets. 

Good news is, volunteering to these environmental efforts is just one step at Juan Earth on September 29, 2018 at Bonifacio High Street Activity Center, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Juan Earth is a grassroots effort produced by Write On Track and its dedicated team of community volunteers wanting to educate and empower people to create a healthier and more sustainable world. 

To take that Juan step,  visit Juan Earth’s website at; LIKE its Facebook page at; or check their updates on Instagram at 

It's a habit that is good for the soul, good for the community, good for Mother Nature.

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