March 19, 2019

Galileo and Add-Venture Learning presents “Awesome Singapore Math Add-Ventures”

Why Is Math so important for kids and all to learn?

It is next to impossible to live an independent life without basic math skills. Children begin to learn about money in the early elementary grades. Math skills taught in early childhood education are designed to provide the foundation children need to succeed in elementary school and beyond.

We must encourage everyone, kids and all to excel in this area to increase functioning and opportunities in life and career as a result.

Why is Singapore Math popular among schools around the world?

The roots of this homegrown approach to Math started from a country with a population that struggled with Mathematics. Like most developing countries, they depended on textbooks and curriculum from foreign publishers. Recognizing the important role of Math education in shaping the citizens’ global proficiency, the Ministers of Education decided to take charge of the country's learning roadmap and developed an approach never before used in the world. 

Enter Singapore Math, a teaching method that places emphasis on mathematical fluency through problem-solving without the need for rote learning and memorization. Fewer topics are introduced per level but discussed in greater detail, allowing deeper understanding and creating a strong foundation for higher math learning.

This change in direction proved effective as the country reaped its benefits. Since 1995, Singapore has consistently ranked first (or in the top three) in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). The tables suddenly turned and Singapore Math became the resource and standard of effective approaches to learning Math. Now, over 25 countries including USA, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, and Israel (including the Philippines) have incorporated Singapore Math into their textbooks

As one of the pioneers in advancement in learning, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program was the first to introduce Singapore Math as an after-school program and the first to hold Singapore Math Festivals in the Philippines. The Galileo Singapore Math Program aims to enhance the Math skills of students aged 6-12 through the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) Approach. This learning strategy allows the student to represent math concepts first through actual and concrete objects, then reinforced with a visual method called bar modeling, before finally progressing to mental solving techniques.

To strengthen its Singapore Math Program, Galileo has partnered with Add-Venture Learning, publishing and training company headquartered in Singapore. Add-Venture Learning specializes in making Singapore Math an enjoyable experience for students through their game packages, apps, magazines, and training. Behind their products are prominent figures in the world of Singapore Math and are recognized for their contribution in shaping and training Singapore teachers of the Ministry of Education.

The two educational think tanks have shared teaching and learning philosophies which complement their approach to making learning fun and meaningful through play. Both Galileo and Add-Venture believe that a child learns best by enjoying what is taught. Both companies employ game-play elements and a variety of activities to bring amusement, wonder, and knowledge in every engagement of any child.

To introduce the partnership, Galileo and Add-Venture Learning held a special event entitled “Awesome Singapore Math Add-Ventures.” 

The event discussed the hows and whys of Singapore Math by demonstrating how to unlock sample Math problems. The discussion was handled by Dr. Queena Lee-Chua, one of the leading minds in Math and an advocate of Singapore Math. She was joined by Scott L. Chua, who shared his experiences of transitioning into a Singapore Math program and how it helped shape his Math skills.

For more details on the Singapore Math Program and the Add-Venture Learning materials, contact the Head Office at 845-1234 or select centers: Galileo Legaspi, Makati City (810-8506); Galileo Better Living, Parañaque (846-5398, 0998-793-9363); Galileo Malabon (362-3154); Galileo Parada, Valenzuela (291-1136, 0948-365-2970); Galileo Sta. Rosa, Laguna (502-7023, 0988 554 8101); and Galileo Bacolod (433-4713, 0917-801-0338).

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