June 30, 2011

One Fine Day !

One beautiful Sunday morning , I woke up feeling energetic and wanting to get out and walk around somewhere. So I decided to get on my running, er,  walking shoes and what a better way to spend morning than a stroll at the Manila bay. We used to have our Sunday, or Saturday walks here months before.

With my husband and daughter , we started our walk when ,the morning  still is fairly quite and cool. First is at the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex where there were many health buffs walking and jogging, with their families, or friends, or jogging buddies, some with their pet dogs.

Then we reached up to the Harbor Square ( as we always do, as this place is very memorable to us, one of our favorites). Harbor Square is situated near CCP.

It’s a nice place to hang out.There  are many restaurants and bars to choose from. There are also tiangge where clothings and other stuffs are sold in much cheaper price. You can also spend the afternoon here viewing the famous Manila Bay sunset. 

People of different age enjoys strolling around here. There are many other activities you can join in. There are people playing badminton. If you feel energetic, you can always join in the many aerobic classes or Tai Chi classes that are on going from one end of the baywalk along Roxas Boulevard to the other. Of course, we did join in. Or you can also just sit and simply chill.

Manila Yacht Club is also nearby. I enjoy the sights of the yachts, and the view of the whole place. I always bring my camera as I always want to capture every beautiful sight. I feel at peace whenever I see cool stuffs like these, simple it may be , anything under the sun, the bay, boats, the whole site actually!  I’m sharing here some of my shots. Hope you like it ! 

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