January 7, 2012

It's More Fun in The Philippines - The New Department of Tourism Slogan and Logo

Today, the Department of Tourism launched its new logo and campaign to promote tourism in the country. 

It's more Fun in The Philippines” is the new slogan and the logo looks like Philippines set in a banig weave. The slogan is printed in different, vibrant colors.

“The slogan answers why you should come to the Philippines? ‘Cause it’s more fun here. It’s what we know -- we are known to connect with visitors and share with the laughter. -- and it’s we can deliver now,” DOT Secretary Mr. Jimenez told reporters in a briefing.

I like it. I find the logo cute, colorful, hip and modern and like an ethnic but with a refreshing look. 

It's more Fun in The Philippines ! Let’s go around the wonderful Philippines and around the wonderful world!  Let's watch out for more fun and enjoy! 

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