October 31, 2012

Mario and Erich Spread the Magic of Love via " Suddenly It's Magic"

“Suddenly It’s Magic” is set to hit theaters nationwide on Wednesday, October 31, 2012.
Cast of Suddenly It's Magic
Filipino moviegoers nationwide will finally experience the unique onscreen magic of the love team of Thai superstar Mario Maurer and Philippine sweetheart Erich Gonzales via Star Cinema’s first Filipino-Thai romantic-comedy film, “Suddenly It’s Magic.” Will the fairy tale of the characters have a happy ending?

With its romantic plot, beautiful scenes shot in the Philippines and Thailand, and astonishing international appeal, “Suddenly It’s Magic” keeps on rousing strong positive reactions from the public, making it a daily hot topic on several social networking sites, especially on the popular microblogging site Twitter.
Even Mario is vocal about his excitement to be back in the Philippines to personally promote his first film project in the country.

“Suddenly It’s Magic” tells the story of a Thai superstar Marcus Hanson (Maurer), who finds the magic of love in the Philippines, where he meets the heartbroken pastry baker Joey Hermosa (Gonzales).
Joross Gamboa, Ces Quesada, Dinkee Doo and Joy Viado
Dionne Monsato and Cacai Bautista
Aside from Mario and Erich, “Suddenly It’s Magic” also stars Joross Gamboa, Joy Viado, Guji Lorenzana, Ces Quesada, Dinkee Doo, Cacai Bautista, John Lee,Dionne Monsato and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul.
Director Rory B. Quintos
Directed by Rory B. Quintos and story written by Vanessa Valdez.
Vanessa Valdez and Dionne Monsato 
For more updates about “Suddenly It’s Magic,” simply visit www.StarCinema.com.ph, http://facebook.com/StarCinema and http://twitter.com/StarCinema.

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