March 9, 2013

Hairvolution at Express Hair Studio

EXPRESS HAIR STUDIO (The First Japanese Hair Salon in the South)

Times change. Express yourself! This is it ! 

EXPRESS HAIR STUDIO bring us the ultimate in relaxation and comfort that we are thankful so much ! 

I had the experience that I enjoyed and brought me back to what I was doing for myself during my free times in my stronger years. As I told people I'm with always lately, I really didn't have pampered myself to any beauty parlor, beauty spas or even nails spa during these two years of my resting days due to my miracle mysterious brain anuerysm experience, and thankful to God for giving my second life to enjoy this wonderful world. These days of being with media and blogger friends and meeting great people in events and celebrations of life. When we meet ANC's host Chase Tinio of Open House, he invited us to pamper in his Express Hair Studio in Paranaque for it's first year anniversary celebration.

And here in hairvolution, it revives, restores and remoisturizes my hair from root pores to tips! The great Mr. Shun Tsutsumi, the number 1 Hair Dresser in Kyoto, Japan and EXPRESS Hair Studio's Creative Hair Director, gave this advice and he did my makeover that I cannot forget in my life.

I had the Organic Hair Therapy: 100% Olive Oil Based, complete restoration, repair and moisturization of hair,  promotes shine and bounce. This is for normal to heavily damaged hair called the "Miracle Therapy." It is also an Organic Color Revive: Color laminator from 100% Olive Oil. It helps prolong hair color up to 40% while having the benefits of total rehabilitation of your hair.
Everyone deserves a time to relax, pamper yourselves, indulge in many beauty haves beautification. A stress relief, and beauty and health activity also sometimes with medi - pedi is a foot experience that everyone should have. Thanks Express Hair Studio for superb services! 

Happy 1st Year Anniversary Express Hair Studio! More power to you Chase Tinio, Mr. Shun and to all friendly staff! 

The brainchild of Manhattan based Entrepreneur/Socialite Chase Tinio, EXPRESS HAIR STUDIO, a New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo salon concept, is the latest trend-setting nook to hit Manila. Amidst the growing number of fashion and beauty establishments around the metro, EXPRESS HAIR STUDIO utilizes sleek, streamlined and minimalist interiors inspired by modern Scandinavian design (the mirrors look like iPads, most especially when lit!) to enhance the hair and nail experiences given to valued patrons by very well trained professionals.

Upon coming in the salon, you are greeted by a warm and fashionable staff member to be assessed by Kyoto, Japan's top hairdresser-- and company Creative Hair Director Shun (Shoo'n) Tsutsumi OR Hair and Make-Up Expert Mark Jerusalem. And for nail pampering clients, everyone can enjoy EHS' manicure/pedicure treatment accompanied by a hand and foot massage. One may also partake of the newly introduced Swedish Foot Spa (a hybrid between, Swedish massage designed to have deep muscle stroke penetration and external detoxification, for deep penetrating skin treatment and rejuvenation).

While slowly building positive reputation among guests living within the BF Homes area and neighboring communities, EXPRESS HAIR STUDIO continues to aim high while setting the bar for salon standards, redefining everyone's salon experiences through top notch service quality, staff credibility and price points set to hit the majority of the community while giving out five-star_service.

The Services of EXPRESS HAIR STUDIO (The First Japanese Hair Salon in the South) are:

1. Japanese Precision Haircut (with free consultation with Mr. Shun Tsutsumi -- the #1 Hair Dresser in Kyoto, Japan and EXPRESS Hair Studio's Creative Hair Director)

2. Styling Blowdry

3. Hair Upstyle

4. Professional Hair Ironing

5. Mani

6. Pedi

7. Swedish Foot Spa - combination of swedish massage and foot spa

8. Exfoliating Gel Sea Scrub Foot Spa - Detoxification of Skin and rejuvination of feet and legs


10. Technical Hair and Make-Up

(using Japanese Hypo-Allergenic Make Up for TV and Print Shows -- 100% Made in Japan)

11. Eye Brow Threading

12. Eye Brow Shaping

13. Upper Lip Threading

14. Hair Coloring - using L'Oreal and exclusive 100% Mild COLOR BINDERS (say goodbye to strong peroxides)

15. HOLLYWOOD OMBRé ®: Gradiation of Color from tone to tone. Extremely Popular with Hollywood Celebrities.


17. Total Hair Rebond

18. Japanese Hair Rebonding: Hair Straightening System using Japanese Techniques.

19. L'OREAL X-Tenso Rebonding: Highly Recommended and best selling rebonding service. --> Straight from L'Oreal Paris.

20. Brazilian Blowout: Hair Straightening System that allows Permanent Volume and Shine. • BEST SELLER

•••• NOTE: Rebonds and Blowouts normally take 5-6 hours to execute but in EXPRESS WE are able to do it in 3-4.5 hours using the procedure standards used in Japan.

21. DIGIPERM: Master Hair Dresser, Mr. Shun Tsutsumi's service of choice. #1 Craze in Japan, "Soft Curls" for wavy long hair. - can be colored as well for a more lasting look.


22. VCO Milk treatment: Moisturizing using nutrients found in the Miracle Fruit, Coconut (FIRST PRESS --> Concentrated nutrients)

23. Intensive Deep Protein Treatment: Detoxifying of Hair from Roots to tips. With scalp stimulants to promote healthy hair growth.

24. Japanese Hair Squalene: The minerals only fully present in babies that is responsible for smooth, soft flawless skin. Can be compatible to hair --> Promotes soft, wavy and undistorted hair.

25. Powerdose by L'Oreal: a staple and the #1 Treatment offered by the #1 brand in hair care, L'Oreal Professionel

26. Deep Keratin Treatment: a strengthening treatment that also enhances smoothness of the hair. Promotes stronger hair strands and thicker hair.

27. Nutri-Cell Hair Spa: General Treatment

28. Sensoria: Conditions and shines hair for more a manageable feel

29. Deep Cleanse Hair Spa and Treatment: •• 1 of the best sellers••• deep detoxification and rejuvination of hair strands. Promotes more moisture and unwraps hair and scalp from grime and pollution that sticks to your head. Has scalp stimulants to awaken dead hair cells.

•ORGANIC TREATMENTS (100% ORGANIC, 100% MADE in THE USA, approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA))

1. Organic Hair Therapy: 100% Olive Oil Based, complete restoration, repair and moisturization of hair. Promotes shine and bounce. For normal to heavily damaged hair

--> Called the "Miracle Therapy"

2. Organic Color Revive: Color laminator from 100% Olive Oil. Helps prolong hair color up to 40% while having the benefits of total rehabilitation of your hair. for Normal to extremely damaged hair.

3. ORGANIC CITRUS MOISTURIZER: a moisture treatment that gives vitamin C to your hair to help resist agents of pollution and to have better immunity from natural elements.



-- 100% Natural from natures extracts.
Highly recommended.  (USDA AND FDA APPROVED)

EXPRESS HAIR STUDIO (The First Japanese Hair Salon in the South) is located at 


Su-TH: 9:00AM - 9:30PM
Sa-FRI: 9:30AM - 10:00PM

Visit and like Express Hair Studio Facebook Fanpage more updates and let's watch out for upcoming iS inStyle Hair Salon !   
More photos @ Hairvolution @Express Hair Studio - Facebook :)

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