October 31, 2013

Unexplored tales showcased in Cinema One Plus' five films this November

Cinema One Plus as launched during press conference last October 29 held at the ELJ Bldg., Abs-Cbn. 
The Cinema One Originals Festival, now on a bigger and better 9th year of putting the spotlight on the best of independent filmmakers and their wide array of creations, surges another burst of energy into the Filipino movie industry with a total of fifteen full length feature films, with five of which comprising Cinema One Plus, the first of two in the festival’s main categories.

Among the directors that are part of this year’s Cinema One Plus, the festival’s P2M budget category, are Borgy Torre for “Kabisera”, Mes de Guzman for “Sitio”, Miko Livelo for “Blue Bustamante”, Adolfo Alix, Jr. for “Alamat ni China Doll”, and Keith Sicat for “Woman of the Ruins”.

Here are the five films of Cinema One Plus.


“Kabisera” by Director Borgy Torre is an action film that details one man’s transformation from a naive, innocent character into a ruthless father and friend upon finding a huge amount of illegal substances that he can easily make money out of. Starring Joel Torre, Art Acuña, Bing Pimentel, Bernard Palanca, Ketchup Eusebio, and Meryll Soriano, “Kabisera” ultimately leads to the question: If given the chance to make big bucks out of something as dangerous as dealing drugs, what would you do? 


On the other hand, Director Mes de Guzman’s entry into the Cinema One Originals Festival this year is a psychological thriller. Entitled “Sitio”, it tells the tale of upper middle class siblings who try to find the meaning of a simpler life by moving from the city to the province. However, unknown to them are the terrors and threats that really lie in the rural landscape. “Sitio” stars John Prats, Ria Garcia, Anja Aguilar, Arnold Reyes, Biboy Ramirez, RK Bagatsing, and Jess Mendoza. 

“Blue Bustamante”

Director Miko Livelo brings to the table a family drama comedy this year entitled “Blue Bustamante”. His entertaining submission to the festival is about an OFW who suddenly finds himself jobless in Japan. Looking for anything to do, he meets a Sentai director who convinces him to be a double for Blue Force, a superhero character in an upcoming Japanese superhero show. “Blue Bustamante” stars Joem Bascon, Jun Sabayton, Dimples Romana, and Jhiz Deocareza. 

“Alamat ni China Doll”

In Adolfo Alix, Jr.’s “Alamat ni China Doll”, a 27-year old named Helen is keen on graduating from high school and starting a new life—but once she gets her hands on a recently published article on the truth about “China Doll”, she realizes details that shed light on her haunting past. With its screenplay written by Lav Diaz, “Alamat ni China Doll” stars Angelica Panganiban, Cherry Pie Picache, Cesar Montano, Phillip Salvador, Anita Linda, Allan Paule, and Evelyn Vargas.

“Woman of the Ruins”

“Woman of the Ruins” by Director Keith Sicat is a work of science fiction that brings its viewers to a storm-ravaged island that has seen its share of tragedy. There, a person who has been assumed dead mysteriously reappears and ignites a frenzy of reactions, ranging from ecstatic religious fervor to cold, chilling fear. Sicat’s film this year stars Allesandra de Rossi, Art Acuna, Chanel Latorre, Elizabeth Oropesa, Peque Gallaga, Moises Magisa, Joe Gruta, and Rolando Inoencio.

Don’t miss out on the 9th Cinema One Originals Festival, running from November 11 to 19 at Glorietta, Trinoma, and Robinson’s Galleria. Also watch out for Cinema One Originals Currents, the festival's P1M category which features ten films this year.

The Cinema One Originals Festival is brought to you by the country’s number one cable channel, Cinema One. In a Cinema One film, absolutely anything is possible.

Canon Photomarathon 2013

Join Canon Photomarathon 2013 – National Leg on November 16, 2013,  Saturday, 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM to be held at Bonifacio High Street,  Bonifacio Global City (BGC). 

Lets get this chance to ‘Hangout’ with One Direction through SPINNR!

Mobile leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), through its newly launched all-access music service SPINNR, is giving one lucky Filipino fan a chance to hang out with British pop group One Direction during the band’s “1D Day” global event slated for November 23.
In a one-hour Google Hangout with One Direction during “1D Day”, one lucky Pinoy Directioner (One Direction fan) will get a chance to virtually meet, greet and talk with the members of the British band via video conference along with winners from other Asian countries such as South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Middle East.

“1D Day” is a 7-hour worldwide live stream special that the group has prepared for loyal Directioners in anticipation of the release of their third studio album, Midnight Memories, on November 25. The second single from the album, “Story Of My Life,” has already been released prior to launch.

To get this rare chance to chat and bond with One Direction, fans only need to register at the SPINNR.ph website, the biggest and most comprehensive music portal in the country where Directioners will also get the chance to download the Midnight Memories album upon launch.

“In keeping with our promise during the Smart Music launch, we are giving Filipinos the total music experience through SPINNR, where loyal One Direction fans can now have the chance to get up close and personal with their idols,” said Mellissa Limcaoco, Head of Smart’s Innovation and Product Development Group.

Formed in 2010 after finishing third in the British singing competition The X Factor, One Direction—composed of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles—has since produced chart-topping hits such as “What Makes You Beautiful,” “Live While We’re Young,” “Little Things” and the first single off their latest album, “Best Song Ever.”

These and other One Direction songs are all available for streaming and download via SPINNR, the country’s first ever all-in music service brought to Filipinos by Smart in partnership with record labels MCA Music, Inc. (internationally known as Universal Music Group, Inc.), Sony Music Entertainment and Ivory Records.

“With SPINNR, we are not just bringing Filipinos’ music experience to the next level by giving them access to millions of digital songs they can listen to anytime, but with events such as 1D Day and the Google Hangout with One Direction, we are bringing them closer to all of their music idols,” Limcaoco added.
Officially launched in late October, SPINNR offers more than just music downloads as it allows unlimited music streaming at affordable rates via desktop or laptop PCs, smartphones, and tablets. For just P15, music aficionados can stream from SPINNR’s vast music catalog for 15 days and get 20% discount on music track downloads. The service is also available for 7 days of unlimited streaming at just P7, and 30 days for just P30.

But aside from providing a service where music aficionados can listen to their favorite tracks, SPINNR elevates the music experience by giving users exclusive access to the latest and biggest music events happening in the country, such as the upcoming One Republic concert tour at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

SPINNR is exclusively available to all Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk ‘N Text subscribers. Users only need to register via spinnr.ph to access the features, or download the SPINNR app at the Google Play Store so they can enjoy their music whenever and wherever they go.

For the latest updates and exclusive music promos, join facebook.com/SpinnrPhilippines
or follow SpinnrPH on Twitter and Instagram.

Earth-like twin found beyond the solar system

CAPE CANAVERAL- For the first time, scientists have found a planet beyond the solar system that not only is the same size as Earth, but has the same proportions of iron and rock, a key step in an ongoing quest to find potentially habitable sister worlds.
Photo by David A. Aguilar, Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics/Reuters
The planet, known as Kepler-78b, circles a star that is slightly smaller than the sun located in the constellation Cygnus, about 400 light years away.

One light year, is the distance light, moving at 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second) travels in a year, or about 6 trillion miles (10 trillion kilometers).

Kepler-78b was discovered last year with NASA's now-idled Kepler space telescope, which detected potential planets as they circled in front of their parent stars, blocking a bit of light.

That measurement not only revealed that Kepler-78b was relatively small, with a diameter just 20 percent larger than Earth's, but that it was practically orbiting on the surface of its host star.
While the planet's presumably molten surface and searing temperatures make it ill-suited for life, two independent teams of astronomers jumped at the opportunity to follow up the discovery with ground-based measurements to try to determine the density of Kepler-78b.

Using different telescopes, the teams zeroed in on how strongly the little planet's gravity tugs at its parent star, information that could be used to figure out Kepler-78b's weight and composition.

In two papers in this week's journal Nature, the teams report that not only were they successful, but that they came to the same conclusion: Kepler-78b has roughly the same density as Earth, suggesting that it also is made primarily of rock and iron.

Earth's density is 343 pounds per cubic foot (5.5 grams per cubic centimeter). Kepler-78b is 331 pounds per cubic foot (5.3 grams per cubic centimeter).

Scientists would like to be able to make the same measurements of Earth-sized planets in more life-friendly orbits, but that is beyond today's technology.

"The only reason they've been able to do this is because it's an Earth-mass planet in really close to the star," said University of Maryland astronomer Drake Deming.

"To me this means that planets like the Earth are probably not all that uncommon," he added.

Kepler-78b is among a dozen or so recently discovered small planets that orbit very close to their parent stars. Kepler-78b, for example, completes an orbit in just 8.5 hours.

Scientists do not know how the planets ended up so close to their host stars. One theory is that the bodies are the rocky remains of larger gas planets that migrated inward and had their atmospheres stripped away.

News by : Reuters

Enjoy Music with Smart SPINNR - PH's first mobile-linked all-in music service

Music is the universal language of mankind and music touches us emotionally. I love music as ever, one of great quotes I love about music from Plato, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” 

And here's more to enjoy music, to be inspired and to have total awesome experience! 

Smart Music launches SPINNR - PH's first mobile-linked all-in music service. After unveiling Smart Music in July this year, leading wireless services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) brings the promise of making music more enjoyable to more Filipinos to a higher level with the launch of SPINNR - the all-new everything-music site that serves up the "total music experience.”

The first of its kind in the country, SPINNR powered by Smart Music offers more than just music downloads. It makes possible unlimited music streaming at the most affordable rates, playlist customization and access, and the best download discounts. 

SPINNR is accessible via web and mobile browser, and with the new SPINNR Android app, music access, discovery and personalization are easier than ever before.
"When we introduced Smart Music, we promised to give Filipino music fans not just the most affordable music downloads and the largest music catalog, but also the total music experience," said Charles A. Lim, Smart's executive vice president and head of wireless consumer business. "SPINNR is the fulfillment of that promise, and we're excited to introduce this service that will further infuse music in the Filipinos' way of life." 

With SPINNR, Smart will be the first to offer in the country a music-streaming subscription service with unlimited access to more than 3 million songs from the catalogs of worldwide music leaders MCA Music, Inc. (internationally known as Universal Music Group, Inc.); and Sony Music Entertainment, through a partnership with local licensee Ivory Music and Video. 

"For just P15 for two weeks, that's Php1 a day, SPINNR users can easily subscribe to a package via the site or the app to enjoy unlimited full-track streaming of the widest selection of songs," said Mellissa Limcaoco, head of Smart's Innovation and Product Development group. "They can simply click to listen to all available songs - from the current chart-toppers of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and One Direction; to the classic oldies, hard-to-find tracks and OPM favorites." 

The SPINNR Plus 15 package also offers a 20% discount for full song downloads - further lowering down SPINNR's most affordable download rate of P10-P15 per song. Other membership packages are, SPINNR Plus 7 (P7 for 7 days, with 10% download discount) and SPINNR Plus Premium (P29 for 30 days, with 30% download discount). The SPINNR Plus VIP (P49 for 30 days) offers 50% song download discounts plus first and exclusive access to Smart Music's events, promos and other perks. 

"SPINNR is also taking music discovery to the next level by making it more interactive and social. Aside from being able to listen to predefined or create your own playlists, you can also get recommendations based on your likes and you can even post your favorite songs on Twitter and Facebook to let you express how you feel through music," added Limcaoco. 

"The soul of the SPINNR service is how you manage and enjoy your music, plus get added music perks through your own personal account - your SPINNR membership," said Lim. "By linking your Smart, Talk 'N Text or Sun Cellular mobile number, you can securely log-in and avail of subscription packages and purchase songs by paying through your prepaid load or charging to your postpaid bill. No need for credit cards." 
On stage demonstration of Streaming, Downloading and Creating playlists
#SpinnrPH portal. (Photo : SpinnrPH)
"And because you can log-in via web, mobile or app through a single account, your activities are reflected in all of these portals, making your music library more accessible and more mobile,' he added.
SPINNR’s music streaming feature addresses the evolving listening habits especially of young music lovers who prefer the streaming experience over downloading the music tracks on their phones. And with Smart’s expansive 4G coverage across the Philippines, music fans will enjoy fast and seamless streaming experience wherever they are in the country.

But aside from having "anytime, anywhere" access to their favorite music, SPINNR members can also have VIP access and meet-and-greet privileges in the most anticipated concerts and music events by both local and international artists. Members also get access to exclusive content and the chance to download tracks and albums as soon they are released. 

"We envision SPINNR as a community of Filipino music-lovers having access to the best and the biggest collection of music anytime, anywhere through their mobile," said Limcaoco. "And we will design our programs and activities - whether music festivals, artist engagements, independent music production and promotion - to cater to those who have music deeply integrated in the way they live life. SPINNR is music made awesome." 
One of the great celebrities / singers during the  SPINNR launch held at the
URBN Bar & Kitchen at BGC, Mitoy Yonting, The Voice grand champion
A preview of the Smart Music experience through SPINNR will be seen in upcoming big music events happening in the Philippines. For the One Republic concert tour, SPINNR will have lucky members experience VIP treatment and an all-access pass to the concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. 

SPINNR will also give one lucky Directioner (One Direction fan) a chance to bond with the British pop group through a one-hour Google Hangout when the group launches its new album through a global webcast sometime in November. 

Powering SPINNR, Smart Music will also launch a music advocacy campaign that will promote responsible use of music content, and for aspiring musicians, hold clinics that will have renowned producers and artists teach them to write, produce and market their own music. 

SPINNR is offering first-time users to enjoy unlimited music streaming at no cost for their first 15 days.

Registration is open to all Smart, Talk 'N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers via web or mobile browser or via the app from Google Play.

To register, simply go to spinnr.ph. For the latest updates and exclusive music promos, join facebook.com/SpinnrPhilippines or follow SpinnrPH on Twitter and Instagram.

Book: ‘Searching for Heaven on Earth’ by David Jeremiah

Here is a book full of wisdom, on how to find the meaning of life. I would truly recommend this book to anyone who is trying to figure out the purpose in life.

“Searching for Heaven on Earth” by Dr. David Jeremiah offers valuable insights on wisdom and folly, on chance and purpose, and on life and meaning. This is an excellent gift for someone who is wondering his/her purpose in this world.

Emptiness, disappointment, longing…ever since Eden, wealth, power, pleasure—-even family and friends—-have been unable to fill the vacancy within each heart. Drawing wisdom from Ecclesiastes, Jeremiah will help you discover the “one thing” necessary for a rich and meaningful life. Gain assurance of who you are, who sent you, and why!

“Searching for Heaven on Earth” is a finalist of both the ECPA Gold Medallion Book Award and the Jordon Christian Book of the Year Award.

Back Cover Text:

Don’t you deserve a little happiness?

They are the questions that plague us:

Is happiness within my reach?
Why is life so frustrating?
Is it too late for me?

Or to put it another way, “Where can I find a little heaven on earth?”

History’s most successful man, Solomon, wondered just that! And as Dr. David Jeremiah shows us, he was a man who tested life’s haunting questions head-on. And tasted life’s riches full-on. And who found his answers in the last place he thought to look.

Listen, then, to his voice. A voice that, if you pay attention, will speak directly to your flesh and bones and heart. A voice that admits: Maybe happiness is an empty hope. Or maybe we’ve simply been looking in all the wrong places…

Here's the Product Details:

Title:       Searching for Heaven on Earth
Subtitle:   How to Find What Really Matters in Life
Author:    Dr. David Jeremiah
Binding:  Soft Cover with flaps
No. of Pages: 352
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 (portrait)
ISBN-10: 971-8573-76-3
ISBN-13: 978-971-8573-76-0
SRP: P215.00/copy

Published by Lifebooks, “Searching for Heaven on Earth” is now available in all branches of National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Philippine Christian Bookstore and Fully Booked nationwide.

For more inspiring books, follow Lifebooks on Facebook and Twitter.

Western Digital Announces Q1 Revenue of $3.8 Billion and Non-GAAP Net Income of $514 Million, or $2.12 Per Share

Western Digital® Corporation today reported revenue of $3.8 billion and net income of $495 million, or $2.05 per share for its first fiscal quarter ended Sept. 27, 2013. On a non-GAAP basis, net income was $514 million or $2.12 per share.1 In the year-ago quarter, the company reported revenue of $4.0 billion, net income of $519 million, or $2.06 per share. Non-GAAP net income in the year-ago quarter was $594 million, or $2.36 per share.

The company generated $680 million in cash from operations during the September quarter, ending with total cash and cash equivalents of $4.9 billion. During the quarter, the company utilized $150 million to buy back 2.3 million shares of common stock. On Sept. 19, the company declared a $0.25 per common share dividend, which was paid on Oct. 15.

“We continued to perform well in the September quarter as we remained focused on delivering value to our customers through differentiated and innovative storage solutions in all of our served markets,” said Steve Milligan, president and chief executive officer. “Our HGST and WD subsidiaries continued to execute very well. Outstanding linearity drove strong operating results, with gross margins above the midpoint of our model range and earnings per share well above the high end of our guidance. Longer term, we are very excited about our ability to enable the ongoing creation, storage and management of digital content by consumers and businesses.”

The investment community conference call to discuss these results will be broadcast live over the Internet today at 3 p.m. Pacific/6 p.m. Eastern. The live and archived conference call webcast can be accessed online at investor.wdc.com. The telephone replay number is 1-800-685-6364 1-800-685-6364 FREE in the U.S. or +1-402-998-0553 +1-402-998-0553 FREE for international callers.  

Happy Bread Day at Gardenia's Bread Town !

Gardenia has opened the Bread Town last Monday, October 28 at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City. 

Happy Bread Day with the bread makers and bread lovers advocate the philosophy of “sharing” and “breaking” of bread as a significant and symbolic humanitarian act.

Gardenia opened the gates of Bread Town, a wondrous place where lots of fun activities, prizes, games, surprises and overflowing breads shared to those who join the celebration. This event is made even bigger with the culmination of Gardenia’s search for the Next Big Sandwich Hit; a sandwich-making and business idea generation competition among 10 universities in Manila with HRM or Culinary course.

Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, Inc. (GBPI), the company that makes the household favorite Gardenia breads famous for its good taste, freshness, softness, oven-baked aroma and nutritive-value, celebrates yet another exciting “Happy Bread Day,” at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City, invited all families, friends and anyone who just love to eat bread to celebrate with them during this special day.

“Gardenia Happy Bread Day”, on its third straight year, commemorates the role of bread as a vital part of everyone’s daily nutritional and sustenance. 
“Happy Bread Day” is also Gardenia’s own way of reminding Filipinos to have fun and show their love for bread in line with the “World Bread Day” celebration which is held every October 16, where all bread lovers from all over the world share the goodness of bread.
Visitors of Gardenia Bread Town experience exciting activities from different booths starting with the Wheat Bread Boulevard where health buffs get to sample Gardenia’s healthy-licious breads. “Kids and adults alike had ga-ga for muffins while having their photos taken at the Muffin Studio. While those who love cream rolls and fun buns were happy to play at the Cream Roll Nook and Fun Bun Playground.

For curious minds who want to know more about Gardenia’s rich history, the Gardenia Museum provides all the answers to their questions. Then after having a long and tiring stroll around the Gardenia Bread Town, visitors come, chill and relax in the “Pandesal Café” or savor sweet treats from the Gardenia “Flavored Bread Station.”

Meanwhile, the G-Lock Wall held thousands of G-locks; a color coded tag which guarantees the freshness of Gardenia breads. Each G-lock donated by visitors corresponded to two loaves donated to Gardenia’s chosen charities. Happy visitors write their memorable Bread Town experience in the Toast Wall and taken home tokens which they pick from the Bread Tree.
The teams from different schools went through grueling qualifying rounds before they were able to earn the right to represent their schools.But it did not stop there, teams got to test the saleability of their sandwiches and experience real life business challenges at the Midnight Mercato leg at Bonifacio Global City. Teams competed among other schools for the most peso sales which is part of their final scores.And the finale of “The Next Big Sandwich Hit” is by no means a pushover when it comes to grandeur, for the winners stand the chance of bringing home more than P200,000 worth of prizes!
This is the ultimate bread experience for all. Here are some of the pictures I shot during the Gappy Bread Day. 


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