February 14, 2014

How many ways can you say Happy Heart’s Day? KakaoTalk shows you how.

It’s that time of year when everything is filled with heart shaped candy, flowers, and dinners at fancy places are getting fully booked. Everyone has already geared up to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

So, whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, there are still ways to celebrate the “most romantic holiday”.

Expressing your love becomes much easier with the advent of new technology. Now, people are on the hunt to find better and more creative ways to get their message across.

Still in the dark about how to get your message across? Impress your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or parents, by sending them a personalized greeting on KakaoTalk, the number one Social Networking App in the iOS App Store.

Love knows no bounds – It’s no secret that long distance relationships are a bit harder to maintain. This is why couples rely on technology, such as messaging apps, to help them stay connected at minimal cost.

KakaoTalk is best known for its free chat and call feature. The free app especially helpful for those in long-distance relationships because it allows you to make calls and send unlimited messages across the globe.

Group love – You can create groups with up to five members for group calls, which makes keeping in touch so much easier. 

Don’t have a girlfriend/ boyfriend to celebrate?

Don’t worry – find your own fun with your best buddies, and organize a guys/girls night out in an instant! Plus, KakaoTalk is also the worlds’ first to provide free group calls in HD quality, meaning your voice calls will be clearer than ever!

Show your emoticons with action – As body language helps verbal communication, actions on emoticons help deliver fuller and deeper emotions.

KakaoTalk exclusively offers hundreds of moving emoticons that will help expand your breadth of expressions.

They’re also so much more enjoyable to see, and the dancing emoticons are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Get help from Kakao Friends – Kakao is also the only place where you will be able to meet Apeach, Jay-G, Frodo and Neo who will help send your message across.

If words aren’t enough to express your emotions, the mischievous Apeach is here to help you. Bursting with energy, Apeach’s infectious charm ensures a fun time filled with adventure.

To impress your date, ask help from the cool and collected Jay-G. Known for his signature sunglasses and afro, Jay-G is image of a calm, cool-headed and professional dude who is really as clumsy as a bear, has the heart of a pussycat and is hungry for affection.

You can also take your cue from Frodo and Neo, two complete opposites, who despite their differences, always manage to find a way to settle things.

Frodo is a wealthy and spoiled city dog with a small inferioirity complex but a happy-go-lucky attitude. He takes the time to enjoy life, even if it’s something as simple as savoring his morning coffee. On the other side, we have Neo, who is the love of Frodo’s life. Neo is a prim and self-oriented cat who is very self-centered and is obsessed with her bob cut wig. This couple can help you express your affections and make peace with your friends.

Make date planning easier – KakaoTalk’s location sharing feature allows you to share your location or a location of choice to your friends. Simply slide out the hidden menu, click on ‘location’ and designate the location information you want to share. Instead of having to type in difficult directions or opening up a separate app, Kakao allows users to send your location, with address, direction and all, with a single tap. As it makes use of your smartphone’s default map, you never have to worry about your friend not having the same map app for proper view.

“The celebration doesn’t have to be all hearts and flowers. KakaoTalk’s features allow you to get your message across – no matter how simple or how far. We take messaging to the new heights by making them interactive, fun and customizable to fit your mood. Plus, KakaoTalk is very user friendly so anyone can use it!,” says Jean Lee, country head of KakaoTalk Philippines.

KakaoTalk is also running a Valentine’s treat on Facebook and Twitter! You just need to use KakaoTalk’s Valentine’s e-cards and you may get a chance to win an iPad Air! For details, please like www.facebook.com/kakaotalkph and follow @kakaotalkph on Twitter. 

KakaoTalk is available on the iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Bada, Nokia Asha and PC. For more information, visit KakaoTalk’s website at http://www.kakaotalk.com.ph/

About Kakao Corp.
Kakao Corporation is the provider of KakaoTalk, a mobile messaging application and global mobile social platform based in South Korea. Since the launch of its app in 2010, Kakao has solidified its position as a leader in the mobile industry, expanding its service beyond messaging to a social platform encompassing games, digital contents, marketing, commerce and more. KakaoTalk currently has more than 133 million registered users from 230 countries, and as many as 5.2 billion messages are delivered every day in form of text, photos, video and voice. As a global, cross-platform application, it is available in 14 languages, on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia Asha and Bada OS. Kakao’s mission is to build a symbiotic mobile ecosystem at the global scale, offering a mobile social platform that provides win-win solutions for users and third-party partners alike. For more information, visit www.kakao.com.ph

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