April 3, 2014

The Avida Food Hunt with Chef JJ Yulo

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” A saying I like but I want to add more. Traveller, tourists and tripping people who not only love to eat, but are infinitely interested in all restaurants or places where to see all things edible -- come from all corners of the globe and all walks of life!

In fact, these people is one of the world's great equalizers, because it allows socially, culturally and economically diverse people to meet on equal footing as they appreciate the merits of various culinary offerings.

Filipinos are noted for their knack on exploring and trying out the newest dining destinations. The passion for great is so ingrained in the Filipino culture that access to it is vital to a truly dynamic lifestyle.

the Avida Food Hunt kicks off this March with Avida Towers Asten, a high-rise residential development in West Makati that is envisioned to have a dynamic mix of retail and dining options catering to the needs of the passionate millennial crowd. Avida Towers Asten inviting people to join Avida Food Hunt with Chef JJ Yulo leading this special gastronomical adventure.

The Avida Food Hunt is a food expedition wherein participants will get a taste of a sampling of specialty cuisines and epicurean fares in the neighboring Avida development. They will only discover which restaurant is part of the hunt as the tour progresses.

Founder of Pinoy Eats World, well-known chef, food write-blogger Chef JJ Yulo leads the hunt. Pinoy Eats World is dedicated to food culture, motivated to give the public an interesting and always delicious look at Pinoy Food.

This New York Institute of Culinary Education Chef has hosted several food tours in the country, Hong Kong and as far as Turkey. Yulo is passionate about discovering about food evolution and is most pleased to share his knowledge to all.

I remembered a field educational trip as I was coordinating with the schools and was enjoying the tour with the students. Now, it’s more fun that this food trip was a secret tour that will explore the different food destination in San Antonio Village, West Makati.

The Avida Food Hunt is a food expedition wherein participants will get a taste of a sampling of specialty cuisines and epicurean fares in the neighboring Avida development. They will only discover which restaurant is part of the hunt as the tour progresses.

The first stop is Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano, located right across Avida Asten. This popular restaurant has become a premiere destination for food and wine lovers seeking a classic Italian dining experience.

The first food we taste is the Carpaccio, a delectable dish of thinly sliced choice cut grade A beef served with cheese and fresh green salad on the side. This is a must try for everyone! 

The 2nd destination - TK Authentic Masters Singaporean Food

TK Authentic Masters Singaporean Food has been providing a variety of services—from buffets and ala carte dining to budget meal toppings and food deliveries—to the people of San Antonio Village and beyond since 2012. 

Specializing in gastronomic selection that speaks of a fusion of flavors representing various cultures from all over the world, TK offers an excellent selection of dishes that satisfy even the most discriminating palates.
Their popular offerings include Singaporean staples such as a char kway teow (stir-fry noodles), savory cereal prawn, and the refreshing Kopi O, a traditional iced coffee concoction served in Malaysia and Singapore.

The next joint was HK Roast.

This cozy hole-in-the-wall favorite along Bagtikan Street is an ode to the tai pai dong, the small open eateries found on the busy roadsides of Hong Kong.
HK Roast serves an array of Hong Kong-style comfort food like the mouth-watering roast duck, best eaten with a steaming bowl of rice and a glass of bubble milk tea. This is I recommend! I love the mouth-watering roast duck! 

The next destination of Avida Food Hunt was at Titania Wine Bar and Café 

Titania Wine Bar and Café, a fine dining restaurant inside the Titania Grand Cellar along Yakal Street in San Antonio Village, Makati.
Fun and really an educational trip ! Titania is a mecca for all kinds of wines. We were given a crash course on wine appreciation and were able to taste fine wines imported from France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, California, and Australia.

We ended on a sweet note with a sampling of assorted desserts at Sophie’s Mom. 

Nestled along the posh Santol Street, this quaint bakeshop is a dreamland for anyone with a sweet tooth. Displayed on their shelves are luscious cakes, cupcakes, mocha-truffles, mocha ice cream, and a tasty selection of specialty breads baked fresh everyday—the way Sophie’s mom, owner Marie Antoinette Rosal, makes her treats for her daughter. 

The Avida Food Hunt is the project of Avida because they want people to realize that Avida developments provide comfort and convenience to their residents.

The Avida is in the communities where everything is near, access to good life and great food and restaurants we tour are all in the vicinity of Avida Towers Asten.

Join the #AvidaFoodHunt Fun Food Tour with Chef JJ Yulo.

The public is encouraged to visit Avida Land’s Facebook page (/avidalandph) or 
Avida Showroom Glorietta (2/F, Glorietta 4) for more details on the next food hunt.

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