July 9, 2014

Digital Innovations Summit 2014 unleashing new technology and revolutionary ideas

As much attention has been paid to 3D Printing lately, with new companies developing modern technology that have shown the people and wowed the tech community. 3D Printing has an undeniably wide range of possibilities which could profoundly change our world.

More people want to see and experience more personalized products, “when they want it and where they want it."

“More people rely on the internet, the demand to go digital progresses as well. People want to see and experience more personalized products,” said Allan Hao Chin, President of Norde International Distributors.

“Being updated with the latest printing technology and software applications lets you to stay relevant in today’s digitally connected world,” Hao Chin said.

Norde International, the distributor of Digital printers. 3D, Wide-format, and the channel partner of HP in the Philippines.

This year Norde International introduce unique and cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing and 3D scanning.

Showcasing the most advanced star-of-the-art digital technology and applications the country has ever seen, Norde International Distributors ushers in engagement paradigms with the Digital Innovations Summit 2014 along Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City from June 24 to 28.

The four-day event held at the Norde Innovation Center convenes international industry experts. Gathering the world’s top technology brands, the event showcase speakers from major industry players such as Hewlett-Packard, Stratasys, Pantone, X-rite, ESKO, Kornit Digital, Sekuworks, Taopix, and GMG.

“This year we will not only introduce unique and cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing and 3D scanning, we will also provide the venue and platform to share ideas and applications specifically designed to maximize the use of these amazing solutions,” expounds Hao Chin.

With 3D printers, the manufacturing time is also significantly less, adding that 3D printing will make manufacturing strategies more efficient, precise, and cost-effective. 3D scanners and 3D printers are still too costly for individual or private use. 3D scanners range from P2.4 to P11 million. 3D printers, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from P750,000 to P25 million.

“Filipinos are inherently ingenious. With the capabilities of the technology we have this year, the possibilities in transforming concepts to concrete products are endless. We are truly excited with our role of helping Philippine businesses, industries and individuals to get to the next level. I believe that these technologies will allow our customers to compete better not just locally but globally as well.” Hao Chin adds.

Norde has especially put these all together to update us on latest trends, business practices and insights on business opportunities that are possible with the latest digital equipment and software solutions.

Digital Print is changing the way we see the world for the better. Here, we see some of the innovative applications that are transforming every sector of print.

Leading the change and at the forefront of new technologies, Norde International Distributors is making digital happen.

Norde International Distributors is located at 104 Kalayaan Avenue Central, Quezon City, Philippines.

For more information, contact nina.suarez@norde.comph or marketing@norde.com.ph

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