August 5, 2014

Erich and Enchong's 'Once A Princess' receives grade B from the CEB

“Once a Princess,” Skylight Films’ first romantic-drama film co-produced by Regal Films, receives grade B from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB). 

“Once A Princess” reunites the perennial loveteam Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales together with one of today’s most bankable actors JC De Vera under the direction the acclaimed filmmaker Laurice Guillen.

An adaptation of the Precious Hearts Romances book by Angel Bautista, "Once A Princess" centers on a popular girl in school, Erin (Erich Gonzales), who toys with the feelings of an awkward would-be scientist and because of sudden turn of events, unwittingly breaks the heart of this young guy Leonard (Enchong Dee).

The story when there was a princess who could not live happily ever after… Erin Almeda, one of the princesses of Gibbons International School belongs to a clique all-girl group whose members’ are considered as the most glamorous and richest of all. One day, Erin played with the innocent heart of their class geek, Leonard Jamieson.

Years later, their paths cross again, but things have changed. It seemed their roles have been reversed. At they meet again, it is Erin’s turn to feel the pain. And so Erin needed to find the magic that will lift that curse. Will they be able to make things right? Or, will things get worse? What if she already belongs to someone else? Will he be able to forgive her? Or she will die of heartache soon.

The movie marks the reunion of Gonzales and Dee on the big screen after the romantic-comedy film "I Do," which was released in 2010. Their last TV project together was "Maria la del Barrio," year 2012.

Directed by Laurice Guillen, "Once A Princess" also stars JC de Vera and Matt Evans. It will be shown in theaters nationwide on August 6.

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