February 20, 2015

DAVID POMERANZ releases album for Filipinos

Grammy-award winning singer and composer, known for such enduring love songs as “Born for You,” “King and Queen of Hearts” and “Got to Believe in Magic,” DAVID POMERANZ releases 13-track Greatest Hits album as a tribute for his love for the Philippines via PolyEast Records.
As one of the most prolific songwriters of all time, three remarkable compositions and new arrangements were added to a collection of Pomeranz’s best recordings of his long and illustrious career.

As fine as Pomeranz’s interpretations are, the album consists of 10 old and familiar tracks and new songs which also include the album’s carrier single “Crazy Beautiful”, new version of “Until I Fall I Love Again” and acoustic interpretation of “Trying to Get That Feeling Again.” Classic Pomeranz hits however include “On This Day”, “The Old Songs”, “Undying Admiration”, “Trail of Broken Dreams”, “Tell Me”, “If You Walked Away” (duet with Sharon Cuneta), and “Devoted To You”.

The hit-making balladeer and his songs have kept him coming back and forth to the country for shows since his first visit in 1984. He even recorded a few songs with our local musicians and his past hits has been a part of many Filipinos’ music favourites since then.

David Pomeranz Greatest Hits album is now available in stores nationwide released by PolyEast Records. For updates, follow and like us on Instagram/Twitter: Polyeast records or visit our website http://www.polyeastrecords.com.

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