February 19, 2015

Phil and James Younghusband invade entertainment world, show funny side of sports via TV5's YH Tube


Football Ambassadors brothers Phil and James Younghusband now take a break from the serious sports stuff as they invade entertainment world. They will share some good laughs, pranks and Tagalog nose-bleed on their show 'YH Tube' on TV5, will be aired at 4:30 p.m. every Saturday starting Feb. 21.

“We wanted to show a different side of Phil and James. Everyone knows them to be two of the best football players to wear a Philippine jersey. They’re talented athletes and dedicated to the game of football. But this time, they get to show their funny side. The two are gifted with great personalities and they love a good laugh every now and then, just like everybody else. All these will come out in YH Tube,” said Sports5 manager Vitto Lazatin.

Phil and James Younghusband of the Azkals, will be hosting the YH Tube, a show featuring sports bloopers from all over the world, mostly from the Philippines.

For the famous sports siblings, the show is indeed a welcome break from their routine activities. For the past three years, the brothers have been teaching football basics on AksyonTV, in the segment FYI: Football Younghusband Instructional. Filipinos also known them as serious and dedicated athletes on the football field, as part of the Loyola Meralco Sparks and the men's national fotball team.

During the press conference, the brothers gave us a sneak preview of what to expect from their new show, and present us something we will really watch out, their tongue twister in Tagalog!

According to Phil, “James is only 11 months older than me. Para kaming kambal!” We see them as James spoke openly of his lovelife, having a non-show biz girlfriend for four years now, and Phil has become a master at evading such issues. As I was surprised, Phil was linked to the actress “Bangs” after his breakup with Angel Locsin! But Phil said though that "whatever there was between me and Bangs is now over and we’re just friends."

The brothers are getting relax and having fun with the media people - James was so cool, but when they took time out after the question and answer portion,  Phil Younghusband’s shirt was so drenched with sweat, it looked like he had just played a whole game of football.

We requested them especially Phil, to answer in Tagalog, and thanks there was no nosebleed speaking all that Tagalog during the press conference of “YH Tube.”

"Pag may time, acting acting pag may time," Phil said. 

YH Tube is a production of Sports5. Watch and join Phil and James every Saturday at 4:30 pm beginning February 21 as they bring us sports' comedy of errors on YH Tube only on TV5. 

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