November 4, 2015

Experience a perfect brew at Dipdenza Coffee

Enjoying the wonderful world with - coffee at Dipdenza. 

Dipdenza Coffee, just-opened coffee shop at the Fort Strip promises to grow your love for coffee with exciting new experiences. The search for that elusive perfect cup of joe can be a long and challenging one, as every coffee lover knows. But thankfully, with the opening of new international coffee shop Dipdenza Coffee at the Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City, one need not look far anymore to get his coffee fix.

“Dipdenza” is a play on the Italian word “dipendenza,” which means “addiction,” according to Angeli Albaña, Dipdenza Coffee  owner.
“We want to help create a stronger coffee culture in the Philippines by encouraging a deeper appreciation of it,” she shares. The inspiration? European coffee drinkers. “They’ve made coffee a crucial part of their lifestyle, so much so that their passion for it goes beyond downing a single cup each morning. They have become very particular about quality, and will even drink multiple cups a day so long as that quality is met.” 
This, Albaña adds, is where Dipdenza Coffee comes in—by offering Filipinos premium blends and well-matched food items at relatively affordable prices.

Angeli Albaña

“We bring together the best of second-wave—established coffee blends that you’ll find in popular coffee shops—and third-wave coffee, which features more specialized mixes.”
At the Dipdenza Coffee, the ambience is quiet, you’ll immediately feel at ease in its warm, earthy interiors.

Experience the soothing aroma and delectable taste of their premium coffee selection, with the wonderful smell of freshly-ground beans inviting you to take your pick of coffee for your stay.

Their bestseller, the Caramel Cappuccino, is a delightfully suave concoction of sweet, strong, and bitter, while classic blends such as your basic Brewed Coffee, Café Americano, Café Mocha, and Late Macchiato, spell great ways to give you an energy boost at the start or middle of the day, or a much-needed nightcap after work.

The Flavored Lattes are also fun ways to customize your coffee experience—choose from hazelnut, caramel, butter pecan, irish cream, French vanilla, peanut butter, pumpkin spice, green apple, kiwi, peach, blueberry, raspberry, lemon, strawberry, passion fruit, and lychee. 

While these are your traditional coffee bets, Dipdenza steps up the coffee game a notch higher than the usual with a slightly stronger roast, challenging you to really savor the beans’ unique flavors and notes. For those who prefer to take their caffeine in one big and bold jolt, they can opt to go Espresso—whether as a pure shot, con panna (with cream), or as a macchiato (with some milk).

Now this is one shop that knows and chooses its coffee well, as Dipdenza Coffee uses a wide variety of beans to allow coffee drinkers to explore and broaden their palette.

There’s the creamy Brazil Fazenda Dutra, with notes of caramel sweetness and hints of milk chocolate, punctuated by a taste of vanilla at the end; the “Bourbon”-like Guatemala Fancy Antigua Santo Domingo, which features fascinating hints of lemon and lemon peel; the tea-like Ethiopian Sidamo, with herbal aromatics and the flavors of jackfruit and lemon juice; and the delightful Kenya Aa Asali, with its enticing cocoa and blackcurrant fragrance, strong cocoa flavors, subtle winey and fruity characters, and vanilla and caramel finish, among many other varieties.

As you watch the baristas create the perfect cup, you’ll immediately notice this coffee jaunt’s particular penchant for quality.

“You’ll always get freshly-ground coffee using beans that are roasted locally, Albaña stresses. We use 3 different kinds of blends that are of Grade 1 quality, which means that these are the best of the best coffee farmed all around the world. All our baristas underwent specialty training and are experts in what they do. They’ll be able to give you recommendations based on your taste.”

Now, those who are looking for non-coffee-based beverages needn’t look elsewhere either, as Dipdenza offers more than just its signature brews.

The indulgent Premium Peanut Butter Frappuccino is a bestseller guaranteed to make the sweet-toothed starry-eyed, while tea drinkers will love the creamy but bold Green Matcha. Other frappe flavors to try—and to put in your bucket list!—include Cookies ‘n Cream, Mocha Raspberry, and Chai Latte.

And of course, the best way to experience these drinks is by pairing them with great food, and Dipdenza doesn’t cease to impress with their repertoire of mouthwatering must-tries.

Dig into Dipdenza’s take on a classic pasta dish with its Spanish Sardines Aglio Olio, a simple yet tasty recipe bursting with the fresh flavors of Spanish sardines, garlic, capers, basil, and mushroom, punctuated by the smooth and clean finish of extra virgin olive oil.

Sumptuous and filling sandwiches also abound—don’t miss out on their bestselling Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, a heavenly mash-up of thinly sliced beef, melted cheese, green peppers, and jalapeño encased in a warm baguette. Other winning options include the Beef and Cheese Wraps, Smoked Turkey Sandwich, and the Ciabatta Tuna Sandwich.

Of course, desserts!

Dipdenza keeps it fresh and exciting by rotating its dessert menu each week with different sweet and savory meal enders to keep you on the lookout for something new to enjoy with your drink. But here’s an insider tip: one of their bestsellers is the signature Choco Lava Cake, a dangerously delicious eruption of gooey melted chocolate hidden within warm and moist chocolate cake. Needless to say, it combines excellently with your preferred cup of coffee.

Best of all, the promise of affordability is consistent in this coffee shop’s menu. Drinks (coffee or otherwise) range from Php100-Php170; and the food won’t break your budget either, costing around Php150-Php235, with some desserts even being offered for as low as Php55 per order—making it a friendly place for students, working professionals, families, and friends to come in and hang out.

For a city that’s ready to take coffee drinking to the next level, Metro Manila has certainly found its answer in Dipdenza. A new treasure in this busy and congested metro, this coffee shop has the makings of becoming the favorite go-to spot of anyone wanting to enjoy a really good cup of high-quality coffee—and go back and have more of it.

Your perfect brew is waiting for you at Dipdenza Coffee.

Dipdenza Coffee is located at The Fort Strip, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, and is open from 8am-12mn on Sunday to Monday, and 8am-2am on Fridays and Satrurdays.

Visit their website at and follow Dipdenza’s social media accounts on Facebook (Dipdenza) and Twitter (@DipdenzaCoffee). For inquiries, call 834-6420.

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