April 30, 2016

Four Tips to a Slimmer, Healthier Summer from Electrolux

Whether you’re aiming for a beach-ready bod or simply want to shed a few pounds, summer is a great time to start a healthier diet. To help you get started, Electrolux has put together a few simple tips on healthier food substitutes and ways to prepare food that will help pave the way for that slimmer silhouette.

Microwave your veggies

Did you know that cooking veggies in your microwave is a great way to preserve its nutrients?

Any cooking method utilizing heat and water tends to destroy the nutrients that make vegetables so good for us - for example, powerhouse vegetable spinach loses about 77% of its folate when boiled on the stove, but retains nearly all of it when cooked in a microwave.

This is because microwave ovens cook by vibrating water molecules within food, thus producing heat. It does not change the chemical composition of food in any way. As an added bonus, fresh vegetables, with their high water content can be cooked more quickly than other foods in a microwave oven.

Microwave ovens like the Electrolux EMS2348X comes with auto-cooking features that optimizes the time required to cook varying amounts of vegetables with just a few easy turns of the control knob.

To cook vegetables in your microwave oven, simply place them in a microwave-safe dish and add a small amount of water depending on the vegetables being cooked. Cover the dish with a safe plastic wrap and poke several holes or leave a corner open to allow the steam to vent.

Add spice to your meals with chili

Chili peppers are not just beneficial for health, but also for your waistline. Thanks to an antioxidant called capsaicin, chillies and other spices have been found to diminish appetite and accelerate your metabolism, helping your body burn fat at higher rate.

Electrolux EOB5450AAX Inspiro Built-In Oven

Electrolux EOT38DXA Tabletop Convection Oven

Capsaicin also increases fat oxidation, which pushes the body to use more fat as fuel. For optimal weight loss, consume in tandem with a low fat diet and try baking or grilling dishes in ovens like the Electrolux EOB5450AAX Inspiro Built-In Oven or the Electrolux EOT38DXA Tabletop Convection Oven.

Puree your way to a healthier you

Purees can be a low calorie, low fat replacement in certain foods like soups, salad dressings and deserts.

Creamy soups are a much-loved comfort food, both for its creamy taste and texture. For a low-fact alternative, pureeing the soup with cooked potatoes or tofu will give it that thick texture. Tofu can also be used as a substitute for sour cream in salads.

Meanwhile fruit purees shine in baking and desserts. One quarter cup of pureed apples and pears will replace one egg in a cake recipe. They not only add moisture but a fruity flavour to the cake. If the pureed fruit makes the cake denser than you would like, add half to one teaspoon of baking powder to get a lighter result.

Electrolux EBR 5050 Powermix Silent Blender

Creating a puree is easy – all you need is a powerful blender like the Electrolux EBR 5050 Powermix Silent Blender, which even comes with a fruit filter to easily remove pulp and seeds.

Top up your salad the healthy way

A tablespoon of mayonnaise contains about 100 calories while olive oil has 120. Cheeses like feta and parmesan can add 20 to 50 calories to the total. If you are having salads with bacon or crispy (in other words, fried) chicken, that ratchet up the calorie and fat count. Top if off with dressings like Thousand Island and your salad can weigh in at over 600 calories.

To help make your salads healthier, choose toppings that provide protein instead of fat like tuna, chickpeas and eggs. If you want meat toppings, go for a healthier cooking method, like sautéing, braising or grilling.

For more tips on home care and healthy living, please visit electrolux.com.ph or our Facebook page at facebook.com/Electrolux.

April 29, 2016

‘Bayanihan’ as a model for BSM’s service learning

The British School Manila is justifiably proud of its commitment to service learning. The idea of developing students as global citizens is central to our vision and mission. We are looking for our students to leave us with skills that allow them to make sense of a rapidly changing world whilst also being able to contribute to making their world more peaceful, fair and sustainable. 

The Creativity Activity Service (CAS) programme is an integral part of the International Baccalaureate core programme and is in many ways the perfect realisation of the work we do with our older students. Our International Baccalaureate team recently completed the end of course CAS interviews with the current Year 13 cohort and it was clear to us that it was the service learning experiences that had the most resonance and impact upon the students’: personal, social, emotional and even moral development. The Year 13 students spoke eloquently and thoughtfully about their work with local schools, orphanages and hospitals. They talked about the work they had done, the relationships they had formed and ethical implications of the work that they were undertaking. The depth of reflection in evidence was confirmed by how often the discussions centred on poverty, inequality and individual responsibility.

This year we have had the opportunity to remodel the CAS programme to create more of these moments of epiphany. Our new approach, led expertly by Mr. Owen, is called “Bayanihan” from the Filipino word ‘bayan,’ which captures the spirit of community we see in Filipino culture and which we seek to mirror. The students have been encouraged to develop projects in line with their own passions and interests within broad categories such as ‘Health’, ‘Environment’ and ‘Education’. 

The strategic developments this year were framed following a successful and insightful pilot last year led by Mr. Owen in Tagaytay. This venture presented a group of IB Business Management students with a problem - ‘How can they use their business acumen to help develop a sustainable income for a group of 16 mothers’? It was a privilege to observe how the students worked together to empower a group of local women with great ideas to become successful entrepreneurs.

The projects this year are incredibly diverse. We have groups preparing “baby boxes” for maternity hospitals, building chicken coops, certifying language skills for adult learners, developing hydroponics systems and fixing computers to improve education in a community. The projects have many layers, with strong educational themes and all the projects focus on sustainability and the fostering of partnerships which we hope will be nurtured and maintained beyond CAS week in May.

One distinctive feature of the Bayanihan projects this year is the emphasis on independence; the projects will have staff mentors available but our students will be encouraged to take ownership, make decisions, assess risks and manage uncertainty as groups. This takes us back to our BSM vision and mission; these experiences will equip our IB students with the ability to reflect, to be resilient in adversity and to thrive with challenge. We look forward to sharing the outcomes with you later in the year. Written by Chris Jones, Secondary Deputy Head

Short Film Festival propels students to great achievements

True to its commitment of being the steward of young film-makers towards success in the local motion picture industry, Black Barong Film Festival (BBFF) showcased the best short films at The BBFF: Invitationals 2016.

In partnership with SineReel X slated last April 20, 21 and 22 at the Thomas Aquinas Research Center Auditorium of the University of Santo Tomas (UST), Manila, the event marked the festival’s first extended run since its inception in 2009.

“We received an overwhelming response from students in different colleges and universities, and because there were many excellent entries, this year’s three-day festival aimed to provide the avenue for young talents to celebrate their achievements and compel them towards future excellence,” said Executive Director Nico Hernandez.

More than creating a platform to exhibit student films, Hernandez added that BBFF believes that peer recognition is essential for the youth to gain confidence in their chosen craft. 

With a mission to support, promote and fuel the passion of the new breed of film-makers, the festival premiered works by students of San Sebastian College Recoletos-Manila, University of the East (UE), Far Eastern University (FEU) and the University of Santo Tomas (UST). 

“We started with less than 10 entries, and we’ve grown to about 60 short films on average each year. The selection of finalists is a critical process. We invited the schools in the University Belt which were able to produce excellent and winning films in the past.”

Sharing the vision of producing and presenting top quality Filipino movies, ABS-CBN Star Cinema rallied their industry veterans to take part as the festival’s 2016 judging panel. Esteemed jurors included Star Cinema’s Creative Manager John Paul Abellera, Head of Production Marizel Samson Martinez and Creative Supervisor and Screenwriter Roumella Nina Monge, internationally acclaimed writer-director Antoinette Jadaone, and award winning cinematographer for film and television Herman Claravall.

“To encourage the students to pursue a career in film making, this time around, the winners will have intership opportunities with Star Cinema. We are happy and grateful for this partnership because with their support, they will also hone and refine the skills of these fresh talents,” Hernandez stated.

Among the 41 finalists featured, the short films produced by FEU garnered the most awards.

Top rank was given to Keep Right, collecting awards for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Production Design and Best Musical Score. The film also earned Best Direction for neophyte director Yesh Burce, and Best Actress for Divine Aucina. The Special Jury Prize, considered as the closest contender for Best Picture, was awarded to the short film Pitik-Bulag. 

Other films of note are Kalabit for Best Sound Editing, Dulog for Best Trailer, and Buffering - with a moving performance by Paulo Alinario, received the Best Actor Award. Excellence in visual execution was given to UST’s Pag-Uwi, which collected Best Cinematography and Best Editting.

Inspiring the creativity of the aspiring youth, winners at The BBFF: Invitationals 2016 received a PHP 50,000.00 film grant from Open Reel Film Gears and, a chance at valuable mentorships and learning from the best professional film-makers in the country. 

“From this point on, we not only recognize the best short films, we also take part in shaping the future of these students. It is our genuine honor to recognize the achievements of the students and we’re very excited for a bigger and better Black Barong next year. ” 

For more information and updates, find the Black Barong Film Festival on Facebook or follow @Black Barong on Twitter.

PAW Patrol's Meet & Greet at SM Mall of Asia on April 29 & 30

Ready for Action with PAW Patrol  at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

For a minimum single of accumulated receipt purchase worth P500.00 of ANY Paw Patrol merchandise from April 1-30 at the event venue, SM MOA Toy Kingdom and SM MOA Toy Kingdom Express, you'll get ONE (1) ACCESS PASS (1 Adult & 1 Child) to join in the PAW Patrol.

Schedule for the PAW Patrol's Meet & Greet at SM Mall of Asia 

April 29 - Friday
3:00PM to 3:30PM
5:00PM to 5:30PM

April 30 - Saturday
11:30AM to 12:00NN
3:30PM to 4:00PM
5:30PM to 6:00PM

April 28, 2016

Ara Vista Clubhouse offers first-class amenities at affordable rates for residents and guests

Ara Vista Village, Picar Development’s flagship real estate property in General Trias, Cavite is a gated, secured residential community that is also the first Telepolis or WiFi-abled township in the country. Beyond connecting homeowners 24/7 to the world wide web, Ara Vista is also an ideal summer getaway for those who live near the area.

Open to the public, non-members, or non-homeowners can use Ara Vista Clubhouse’s amenities, which include swimming pools, function rooms, and tennis and basketball courts at very affordable rates. Homeowners' swimming pool rates from Tuesday to Sunday is P50/pax for 12 years old and below and P75/pax for adults. Evening rates, from 6PM to 9PM, is P75/pax for kids and P100/pax for adults. Non-homeowners can also enjoy a dip in the pool at these rates: P75/pax for kids and P100/pax for adults (day rates) and P100/pax for kids and P125/pax for adults (evening rates).

Aside from the swimming pool, the basketball and tennis courts are perfect for those looking for a healthy and active summer activity for the whole family.

Ara Vista Clubhouse's spacious and airy grand function hall also makes for an ideal event space for graduation or birthday parties, debut, wedding receptions, reunions, and other such events. The two function room had a floor area ranging from 200 to 250 square meters and is good to host 150-200 guests. The look and design of the hall can also be customized according to specifications. The Clubhouse also has three conference rooms that can be rented by homeowners and non-homeowners alike and at very affordable rates.

From the start, Ara Vista Village was masterplannned to have everything the residents and visitors alike would need-- from the lush theme park and gym to the church and AMA Medical School that will be built soon inside the village. The Clubhouse's facilities were put in place to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, which serves as the development’s centerpiece, where families can bond 1and celebrate important milestones together.

For more information on Ara Vista, visit "http://www.aravista.com/" \h www.aravista.com. Call at (632) 822.3443, 552.2825

Sarah G, James Reid and Nadine Lustre at the MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016

MTV  revealed today Philippines pop star royalty  Sarah Geronimo, and Filipino pop darlings James Reid and Nadine Lustre will join the performers’ line-up at the award-winning MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on Friday, 24 June 2016. 

The newly announced acts will share the stage with its first announced act, iconic international pop band and prolific hitmaker  OneRepublic and perform at the one-night only live music event to celebrate pop music like never before – enabling fans to experience and discover the evolution of pop music and its dance influence that keeps fans moving.

“We are thrilled to have the Philippines’ pop star royalty Sarah Geronimo, and Filipino pop star darlings James Reid and Nadine Lustre join us for MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016. These stellar performers personify the sound of local pop music which we are looking forward to celebrate on the MTV stage,” said Paras Sharma, Senior Vice President of MTV, Comedy Central & Paramount Brands and Digital Media, Asia, Viacom International Media Networks. “Through the years, Sarah Geronimo’s music has captured her evolution as an artist, making her one of the most exemplary Filipino pop icons of this generation.” 

After more than a decade of winning Pinoy hearts with her songs, performances and movies, Sarah Geronimo has truly become one of the most iconic and well-loved faces of Philippine pop music. Throughout her career, she has produced award-winning hits that propelled her to be recognized as “Best Southeast Asian Act” at the MTV EMAs in 2014. With her latest album “The Great Unknown” and first single “Tala”, the pop princess continues to shape the sound of contemporary Philippine pop music with her influences in dance, R&B and anthemic ballads.

Meanwhile, Filipino pop darlings James Reid and Nadine Lustre, or the adorable duo “JaDine” are also set to showcase their pop music origins at the MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016. Reid, who is one of the most recognized male teen sensations of the music business today, is a gifted artist who has produced two albums including “Reid Alert” that contains hits like “Huwag Ka Nang Humirit” and “Hanap-Hanap”. Lustre, on the other hand, was already producing hits as a member of PopGirls before her break-out role in “Diary ng Panget” and continues to make her mark in the world of Pinoy pop with her electric tracks “Para Paraan” and club-ready “Me & You”.

“MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 is going to be one of the best nights of your summer. So join me, Nadine and some of the biggest artists in pop music – from both the international and Pinoy scenes as we dance the night away.” – James Reid

“What an honor to perform live for MTV Music Evolution Manila and to share the stage with some of the most talented musicians. I can’t wait to see everyone there!” – Nadine Lustre

Recorded live for global telecast under the MTV World Stage global series, MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 will reach an international audience of more than three-quarters of a billion households in over 160 countries. MTV Asia VJs Alan Wong and Hanli Hoefer will be hosting the event, along with MTV Pinoy VJs Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras. More acts are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 will showcase iconic and contemporary international music artists and the hottest new acts in both the regional and local music scenes on a single stage, while featuring the best of Philippine music and culture to international youth audiences. Further details of MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016, including additions to the artist line-up, will be announced in the run up to the event. The free-entry2 event will be held for one night only.

MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 is sponsored3 by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) Philippines. 

MTV Music Evolution Manila is a live music event that brings to life the evolution of a music genre and enables young people to experience and discover how music styles and sounds have evolved over the years. MTV Music Evolution Manila marked its inauguration 2015 edition with a feature on hip hop, which showcased a stellar line-up of international and local acts who took to the stage in celebration of iconic and contemporary hip-hop music. Through explosive performances by  Naughty by Nature, YG, Apl.de.ap, DJ Cash Money, and the Philippines’ own  Gloc-9 and Abra, MTV Music Evolution Manila 2015 showcased the way that hip hop has shaken up the music scene throughout the years – taking the music genre to whole new levels for a live audience of more than 22,000 fans who gathered at the historic Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park in Manila.


Sarah Geronimo debuted her first album entitled “Popstar: A Dream Come True” in 2003 fresh from her grand prize win as the champion of television singing contest “Star for a Night”. The largely successful and award-winning album included her anthemic hits “To Love You More”, “Broken Vow” and “Forever’s Not Enough”. The album was quickly followed up by a prolific succession of hit compilations including the album “Sweet Sixteen” in 2004, “Becoming” in 2006, “Expressions” in 2013. Geronimo has also produced a myriad of chart-topping singles all from her hit movies’ soundtracks like “Can This Be Love” in 2005, “A Very Special Love” in 2008, and “You Changed in Life” in 2009.

Throughout her career she has received 10 Awit Awards, six Aliw Awards, a FAMAS Golden Artist, the Best Southeast Asian Act at the MTV EMAs in 2014 and Best Selling Filipino Artist at the 22nd World Music Award. 

Sarah Geronimo recently released her latest album entitled “The Great Unknown” and is currently promoting the first single entitled “Tala.”


Singer-dancer-actor James Reid debuted his self-titled album in 2013 featuring original compositions. His string of R&B-dance inflected hits launched him as the biggest male teen sensation in show business today. His love for R&B is also reflected in his most recent album, “Reid Alert” including the hit dance track “Huwag Ka Nang Humirit” and hit duet with Nadine Lustre, “Hanap-Hanap”. “Hanap-Hanap” will be Reid’s fourth hit collaboration with Lustre after “No Erase”, “Rocketeer” and “Bahala Na”. Reid also sung the EDM flavored “Musikaw” from the Philpop 2015 album. In January of 2016, he released his third and most recent single from his album, “Randomatic” featuring BTS video with Lustre.


Formerly a member of all-girl teen singing group, PopGirls, Nadine Lustre broke out into the world of mainstream Philippine pop music with her debut in the movie “Diary ng Panget” which also starred her real-life sweetheart, James Reid. The movie featured hit tracks such as “No Erase”, “Paligoy-ligoy”, “Bahala Na”, “Hanap-Hanap” and Lustre’s memorable delivery of the widely popular “Para-paraan”. In 2015, her self-titled album and hit “Me & You” was recognized by SBS Pop Asia with a Titanium Award alongside other hitmakers in the region, like Super Junior, U-KISS and EXO.

In the same year, Lustre, in tandem with Callalily vocalist Kean Cipriano performed the song “Sa Ibang Mundo” by Mark Villar for the 2015 PhilPop songwriting competition and earned the People’s Choice Award, as well as second place during the PhilPop finals night. 


Tweet it: Be still your beating hearts! Pinoy popstar royalty @JustSarahG & Pinoy pop darlings @JayeHanash, @hellobangsie join #mtvmusicevo


MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 passes are not for sale and may be won by fans who correctly answer a contest question4 on "http://www.mtvmusicevo.com/" www.mtvmusicevo.com. The online contest opens today and ends on 12 June. Answer a quick and easy question online to get the chance to win coveted MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 entry passes. What’s more, fans can stand a chance to also win5 a trip to Manila to experience MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 live!

So get online today and get your access to MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016. Sponsors and partners will also be giving out passes through their own promotions.


In the weeks ahead, fans can get direct information by following MTV Asia on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and from "http://www.mtvmusicevo.com/" MTV Music Evolution Manila for news updates on MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016.

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Sarah Geronimo

Website:  "https://www.sarahgeronimo.ph" https://www.sarahgeronimo.ph
Facebook:  "https://www.facebook.com/SGeronimo25" https://www.facebook.com/SGeronimo25
Instagram:  "https://www.instagram.com/justsarahgph" https://www.instagram.com/justsarahgph

"https://www.youtube.com/user/sarahgeronimoLive" https://www.youtube.com/user/sarahgeronimoLive
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustSarahG

James Reid
Facebook: "https://www.facebook.com/JustJamesReid" https://www.facebook.com/JustJamesReid
Instagram:  "https://www.instagram.com/jaye.wolf" https://www.instagram.com/jaye.wolf
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Nadine Lustre

Facebook:"https://www.facebook.com/JustNadineLustre" https://www.facebook.com/JustNadineLustre
Instagram:  "https://www.instagram.com/Nadzlustre" https://www.instagram.com/Nadzlustre
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hellobangsie

April 27, 2016

Wanderlust: Set Off a Career into New Adventures

From Left: Philam Life MDRTs Neil Llorente, Rochelle Tumang, Gerald Cruz
Education helps broaden your spectrum of knowledge and skills, but when it comes to learning about life, there is nothing more enriching than traveling and discovering the world around you. It captures you with a sense of wanderlust, and makes you yearn for more exciting destinations to explore, rich cultures and history to experience, mouth-watering cuisines to savour, as well as interesting people to meet.

For employees working in a traditional 8-to-5 set-up, however, finding the time to take a vacation and travel might be difficult. Well, it’s a whole different story for thousands of Philam Life Financial Advisors who have embarked on a Real Life journey towards success, and are enjoying the freedom to take charge of their own time and schedule while working steadily towards achieving their life goals. 

Philam Life breaks boundaries once more, and takes the Wanderlust Mega Business Opportunity Program (BOP) off to greater heights. This time, conquering the provinces of Bulacan and Dagupan with some of the proud globetrotters of the Philam Life Premier Agency career path sharing their Real Life stories, and how they have become successful in the field of insurance.

Grace Recomite, Joe Michael Veloria and Carina Bayabo
Like many Filipinos, Rochelle Tumang from Sto. Domingo Associates, used to work a 9-to-6 job, and was too burdened by the long and arduous work hours. “I started to feel that my job was weighing me down, and that I wasn’t being enough of a mother to my family because of it,” Rochelle shared. “That’s when I decided to leave my job and find one that allows me to work on my own time, at my own pace, so I can stay home and be the mother my children deserve.” Rochelle also takes the time to listen to the needs of her clients, and she carries herself more like a mother too, allowing the clients to trust her with all their insurance needs.

Gerald Cruz from Mendoza Associates, has always lived by his own dictum, and his determination proves to be the key to his success. He started traversing the road to be a Philam Life Financial Advisor while he was still working as an IT professional in Singapore. "I wasn't progressing the way I had envisioned it. I also felt the strain of being so far away from the people l love most. That's why I decided to switch career and choose one that can reward me for the work and time I've put into the game," Gerald highlighted.

On the other hand, Next Generation Premier Advisors from Starbright Financial Advisors, Neil Llorente and Grace Recomite, took the leap of faith and have become part of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) – an elite group of internationally recognized Financial Advisors at a very young age.

Despite being much younger compared to other seasoned Financial Advisors, Neil credits the strong support of the Company and of his team. “Being in this industry is a good equalizer. Regardless of which background you come from, as long as you are willing and hardworking, you can succeed. Success is never an accident. It is determined by your character, your competence, and your commitment,” Neil expressed.

“I came to a point that I wanted to be the best version of myself, and I wanted to be in a career that I can see myself doing the rest of my life,” Grace shared. Therefore, she wasted no time and eagerly attended the various training and development programs institutionalized by Philam Life’s Premier Academy. Now, 27-year-old Grace brings her positive attitude when conversing with clients: “Every time I meet my clients, it is always a learning experience. Rejections only make me stronger,” Grace added.

Joe Michael Veloria from North Luzon-V.Sanglay Agency concurred with Grace and, added practices that can further improve communications skills. “Do it on a daily basis. The only way to master your craft is through repetition. In as short as one month, Philam Life Financial Advisors are more than ready to put what they’ve learned into actual practice, fast tracking their way up to the top,” Joe explained. 

Alternatively, Carina Bayabo from Rizal-Maunahan Agency, spoke about her personal desire of philanthropy that led her to reach the top. “It has always been the mission before the commission,” Carina emphasized. With her success as a Philam Life Financial Advisor, Carina is able to live a life of significance, as well as change the lives of other people around her.

All speakers attributed their success to their positive attitude, commitment to learn and master their craft, and their strong partnership with Philam Life, the country’s premier life insurance company. 

Stephen Segismundo, Head of Agency Strategy Office at Philam Life, concluded the events by reinforcing to the attendees the message that together with Philam Life, they will be able to live a life of stability and success together with the people that they love most.

For more information on Philam Life, please visit www.philamlife.com

Searching for Saints Among Us : Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Award 2016

The canonization of Mother Teresa on September 4, 2016 puts the spotlight back on modern day saints as the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Award (BTCA) opens its search for these selfless individuals.  
JCI Manila and AY Foundation launches the 29th Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Awards, one of the country’s most prestigious humanitarian award giving body in a press conference among business, good news, broadcast media and bloggers, held at Hexagon Lounge of RCBC Makati, April 19, 2016.

The event highlights Mother Teresa’s “Road to Sainthood” and her compassion that goes beyond the borders of age, gender, nationality, and religion. 

1979 Nobel Peace Prize Winner and known as the “Living Saint”, Blessed Teresa’s name is synonymous to compassion and her life’s works of service to the poor has inspired many to follow the same path. It was in this context that the BTCA was formed in 1983 between the Ambassador Alfonso Yuchengco (AY) Foundation, Inc. and the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Manila to celebrate these individuals who have given back to the community through their own social causes that benefit the marginalized members of society.

BTCA’s mission is to encourage the public to focus on the importance of helping others by recognizing individuals who have dedicated a significant part of their lives by serving the “poorest of the poor” just like Blessed Teresa. The winner is set to receive a grant worth Php 1,500,000.00 in cash and in kind.
“In honor of this historic event and through the rich generosity of our benefactors who also share our mission of providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change, the grant for this year is at a record high, says Gio Valencia, 2016 Chairman of the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Award.
Nominations are open to any living individual, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality and religion, who has dedicated his/herself fully and selflessly to humanitarian work among underprivileged Filipinos for at least 25 years. In addition, nominees will be likened to the degree in which they follow the example of Blessed Teresa, both in integrity and in the simplicity of their lifestyle.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Award encourages everyone to nominate exemplary individuals by filling up the nomination form on their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BTCAward). Only completed nomination forms shall be accepted. Full list of rules and regulations can also be found at the back of the nomination form.

Deadline of nomination forms is July 9, 2016.

April 25, 2016

Chef Rob, A Food Rebel with a Cause

All of us must maintain a healthy lifestyle - to live life to the fullest and enjoy a wonderful life. If we are having healthy diet, it’s important to be able to understand the nutritional information of the foods you eat. You should be able to get the majority of vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs from a healthy variety of foods. Of course, we must know what food we should be eating - - and what we should be avoiding. 

The Filipino taste is highly selective and conservative when it comes to tradition. Even with food, our palate is very discerning as we always yearn for that Filipino flavor no matter where we are around the world. But there is one rebel who is brave enough to shake up the status quo. He has revolutionized the local cuisine by challenging stronghold traditions and infusing intercontinental culture and heritage into his food—a feat that he has accumulated through his years as a global chef. And he has done so successfully with pure ingenuity and nerves.
Chef Rob Pengson

Chef Rob Pengson -  An award-winning chef, a mentor, a business owner, a TV host, a creative, a risk-taker, a rebel in the food scene, and now a brand ambassador, he does all of these for his most important role: a husband and a father. 
‘My family is everything to me. I strive to be the multifaceted individual that I want to become because I want to give the best to them,’ shares Chef Rob when he is asked about the cause of his revolutionary approach in and out of the kitchen. 
‘Of course, my family is the top force that drives me to keep going in life. But I also need a partner that can keep up with my busy and active lifestyle. A partner that can provide me with mental and physical energy to literally keep me going! Good thing I have discovered Pharmaton!’

Pharmaton combines vitamins and minerals with ginseng G115® and deanol for improved mental and physical performance. This dual combination helps combat stress and fatigue, and raise body’s immune system for better protection from viral and bacterial infection, while managing inner physical and mental energy. Moreover, it also improve overall mood, memory, and attention. Along with other vitamins and essential ingredients combined, you’re guaranteed to keep going in life!

‘As a chef, ingredients are key in transforming any dish into a lavish cuisine. I also apply the same principle when choosing my multivitamins,’ Chef Rob describes. He further explains, ‘I’ve tried a lot already, but nothing compares to Pharmaton. With vitamins + minerals + ginseng G115® + Deanol, what more can you ask for?’

When asked what’s next for Chef Rob, he shares - 

‘I want to continue to innovate the Filipino cuisine that I serve in my restaurants. Perhaps think of new concepts with my wife. She’s also a chef and a Pharmaton user. So you can just imagine how energetic our brainstorming is!’ 

With this surplus of energy, Chef Rob even has the bandwidth to also spend quality time with his family. This is the meaning of work-life balance for him – sharing his successes, time, and energy to people who mean the world to him.

Chef Rob is just one of the many users who have strived for success with Pharmaton as their partner. And now, you can start your own success story too. 

59th edition of the Palarong Pambansa ends

After a grueling week of intense competition, it is finally time to close the curtains on the 59th edition of the Palarong Pambansa 2016 at the Albay-Bicol Sports and Tourism Complex in Legazpi City, Albay.

The event started with the closing parade of all 18 regions followed by a parade of bands and pretty majorettes from various schools and universities in Albay.

Present for the closing ceremony were Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC; DepEd Assistant Secretary for Legal and Legislative Affairs, Tonisito M.C. Umali, Albay Governor Joey Salceda, and Commissioner Jose Luis Gomez, Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).

“It is certainly an honor and a source of pride for the people of Albay to be given the opportunity to serve you. That is the heart of our hosting of the Palarong Pambansa 2016. Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat,” said Albay Governor Joey Salceda.

Once again, the National Capital Region (NCR) dominated the week-long sporting event, leading the medal tally by a huge margin with Region IV-A and Region VI finishing second and third, respectively. Newcomer Negros Island Region (NIR) finished with an impressive sixth place overall standing.

“Gumaganda po ang performances ng mga regions. Dati po bihira lang ang makakuha ng medal ang ibang region, ngayon po dumadami na ang mga medals. Medyo pumapantay na ang laban dito sa Palarong Pambansa, dahil sa mga coaches, sports directors and teachers who take their time to train our athletes,” PSC Commissioner Jose Luis Gomez said.

As for this year’s special awards the winners were: Region X for the Most Organized

Delegation, Region IV-B for the Most Disciplined Delegation, Region X for the Best

Billeting Center, Region VIII for the Delegation with the Most Number of Participants, and Negros Island Region for the Cleanest and Greenest Delegation. All winners will receive P40,000 plus a trophy.

The annual sports festival is not just about achieving personal glory but also a time for gratitude, “Huwag na huwag ninyong kakalimutan kung saan kayo nanggaling. Huwag na huwag ninyong kakalimutan ang inyong unang coach, mentor at unang technical official na tumulong sa inyo. Dahil kung marunong kayong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, malayo ang inyong mararating. Maraming maraming salamat sa mga nagbigay ng kanilang buong sarili sa pinaka-maanghang at pinaka-mainit na Palarong Pambansa,” Secretary Br. Armin Luistro said.

The Palarong Pambansa is the largest grassroots sporting event in the country that aims to develop the potential of the youth to become responsible and globally competitive citizens.

It is DepEd’s way of promoting physical education and sports as an integral part of the Basic Education Curriculum.

April 23, 2016

Globe Telecom opens world-class ICONIC Store by June 2016

Debuts its superior entertainment center with PH premiere of hit musical Green Day’s American Idiot

True to its commitment of providing a wonderful experience for its customers, Globe Telecom is redefining the Philippine retail platform anew with the opening of its flagship ICONIC store, a world-class destination that is home to the latest in retail, entertainment, music, and everything about the Filipino digital lifestyle. The ICONIC store promises to deliver a more exceptional retail space experience that is more innovative, dynamic, and interactive from its predecessor, the highly-successful GEN3 concept store.

Designed by Tim Kobe of Eight Inc., the same designer of the Globe GEN3 stores as well as the acclaimed Apple store in New York, the ICONIC store will soon rise as one of the most renowned landmarks in the country located at the Bonifacio Global City Central Square in Taguig. One of its most ambitious elements of the ICONIC store is the glass bridge that will link two Globe stores from opposite sides of the BGC Central Square.

“The opening of our GEN3 stores in 2014 set the tone on how customer experience in telco has evolved from purely transactional to more dynamic and engaging. GEN3 has given our customers a new way of discovering their digital lifestyle with our topnotch service and innovative products and services. As we near the launch of the ICONIC store, we are thrilled to deliver a new world-class entertainment experience right at the heart of Bonifacio Global City that does not only bring up the ante in retail and entertainment, but also elevates the customer experience to a whole new level,” says Globe Retail Transformation and Stores Management Head Joe Caliro.

Launching in two phases, the first phase of the opening on June 2016 will unveil the entertainment piece that will house shows, concerts, and a variety of on-ground events and activities. It will feature massive LED screens and top-quality lights and sounds equipment for an outdoor entertainment experience at par with global standards. It will also boast a fully-functional Chroma key studio set-up that can be used by media partners, making the ICONIC store the first ever all-in-one retail and entertainment space in the world.

When Globe ICONIC opens, Filipinos will have a new and one-of-a-kind venue where they can take part in world-class productions such as plays, concerts, and musicals, among others.'

Green Day’s American Idiot in PH

To officially launch and showcase the entertainment piece of the ICONIC store, Globe, together with 9Works Theatrical, will premiere the award winning Broadway musical Green Day’s American Idioton June 22, 2016.

Green Day’s American Idiot is a sung-through stage adaptation of punk rock band Green Day's 2004 rock opera album American Idiot. It features the story of three disaffected young men, representing the exhilarating journey of a new generation of young Americans in a post-9/11 world. The musical is also deemed relevant to today’s youth as they develop the habit of responsible use of social media.

The American Idiot musical received over 9 nominations from various award giving bodies including the Tony Awards, and won more than 5 prestigious awards including the “Best Musical Show Album” in the 53rd Grammy Awards.

Visit www.facebook.com/globePH orwww.youtube.com/user/GlobeP and follow @enjoyGlobe on Twitter and Instagram for more details and to stay updated on how to get passes to the premiere.

With OPPO F1 Plus, “get the perfect shot on the first snap, anywhere and anytime.” - Sarah G

OPPO Philippines’ brand ambassador Sarah Geronimo at the OPPO F1 Plus launch held at Shangri-La the Fort, BGC, April 16, 2016

OPPO’s camera phone with a 16-megapixel front camera has been officially launched in the Philippines. The F1 Plus, the second device after the F1 in the camera-centric F series, is being touted as the “bigger, better Selfie Expert.”

OPPO, the global electronics and technology service provider presented the new device retails for P21,990 and is available for pre-order nationwide from April 16 to April 29. Down payment is just P1,000, and you get a free OPPO selfie stick along with the unit as soon as you pick it up starting April 30.

Great selfies whenever, wherever

The F1 Plus has a 16-megapixel front-facing Hi-Light Camera that captures clear, vivid photos in any lighting condition.

Four times more sensitive than standard cameras, the F1 Plus’ Hi-light Camera excels in low-light, back-lit, and night-time photography. The camera also offers twice the dynamic range of cameras without the Hi-Light technology, and captures photos with four times less noise.

“Selfies will always turn out bright and clear no matter the time of the day because of the F1 Plus’ unique sensor technology and wide f/2.0 aperture lens,” said Marton Barcza, OPPO’s product expert. 
“The F1 Plus also has the highest front camera resolution on the market.”

The OPPO F1 Plus features a custom-built Hi-light Camera that takes vibrant pictures in various lighting conditions.


The phone comes with the new Selfie Panorama and Beautify 4.0 features, and the front-facing Screen Flash. Its custom-built sensor arranges pixels in a unique pattern to create clear and bright photos that are strikingly rich in color.

Sarah Geronimo, OPPO Philippines’ brand ambassador, said all these camera features allow users to “get the perfect shot on the first snap, anywhere and anytime.”

OPPO has likewise upgraded its built-in selfie beautification app with Beautify 4.0. After six months of testing and 150 revisions, Beautify 4.0 is optimized to enhance one’s look in a snap.

By highlighting the user’s best facial features and minimizing flaws, Beautify 4.0 produces natural-looking photos.


“You’ll never have to take bad selfies again thanks to Beautify 4.0, which serves like your own styling team,” Geronimo said.

With the Selfie Panorama feature, you can take extra-wide 120-degree shots, as the F1 Plus seamlessly combines three photos to ensure that everyone in the group is in the photo.

“I’m sure everyone will look good in every ‘groupie’ because of the F1 Plus’ easy-to-use Selfie Panorama,” Geronimo said. 

Light, thin and comfortable

The smartphone has an elegant frame that’s fit for style-minded users. The F1 Plus has a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with 4th Generation Gorilla Glass. But with ultra-thin 1.66-mm bezels, the F1 Plus looks like a smaller 5.2-inch phone.

“It doesn’t only take great selfies and groupies, it’s a fashion statement, too,” pointed out Geronimo.

The OPPO F1 Plus has ultra-thin 1.66 mm bezels.
“When we designed the F1 Plus, we wanted to create a light, thin, and comfortable device, so our O-Fans can effortlessly carry the smartphone and take photos anywhere they want,” Barcza said. “The frame went through 68 polishing processes before we finally attained what we believe is the perfect grip for a smartphone.” 
“With its non-slippery metal surface, users won’t worry about this phone slipping from their hands,” he added.

The F1 Plus’ Comfort Grip helps keep the phone safe in users’ hands.

Fast, convenient, secure

Who says the F1 Plus is only good for taking selfies? With a 4GB RAM and an 8-core processor, this smartphone promises users a faster and smoother experience while gaming, browsing the Internet, or using resource-heavy apps.

The smartphone is fit for people on the go, with a VOOC Flash Charge feature that requires only 30 minutes of charging for its battery to reach 75 percent capacity. The battery also can last up to 14 hours and 5 minutes of constant use.

“‘Charge for five minutes, talk for two hours’ became an iconic slogan for OPPO in China last year. It convinced more than 18 million users so far to say goodbye to dead batteries,” Barcza said. “The F1 Plus is set to bring the convenience and safety of VOOC to even more users around the world.”

The new phone is the first to feature the all-new ColorOS 3.0. This software offers a tidy and refreshing new look, along with increased efficiency and speed.

The updated ColorOS 3.0 comes with a new, elegant look and faster system performance.

Overall system speed is now 25 percent faster when compared to ColorOS 2.1, with home screen loading speed increased by 35 percent, and app installation speed boosted by 41 percent.

You can likewise save time with the F1 Plus’ Touch Access technology, which makes unlocking the phone faster and easier. It is OPPO’s first phone to use front-facing fingerprint recognition.

Front-facing fingerprint recognition

The phone’s advanced ceramic material recognizes its owner’s fingerprint and unlocks the phone in just 0.2 seconds, one of the fastest in the industry. 

“The F1 Plus not only captures moments in greater color resolution and detail than ever before, it also brings a smooth and enjoyable user experience,” said Barcza.

Visit: Sarah Geronimo at the 

About OPPO
OPPO is a global electronics and technology service provider that provides customers with the latest and most exquisite electronic devices and mobile Internet service. OPPO delivers customers with the most delightful electronic experience that is full of surprises, through meticulous designs and smart technology. 

For more information, please visit http://global.OPPO.com.

April 22, 2016

Globe Telecom offers Snapchat, fastest growing mobile chat app among youth in PH

Snapchat is the fastest growing mobile chat app among youth in the Philippines. Globe Telecom is first to offer Snapchat as part of its enhanced GoSAKTO prepaid offers

Short-form videos are fast gaining popularity as more mobile apps with this capability continue to rise. Digital natives contribute to this increase as they spend extra time viewing videos on their mobile devices. Apps like Snapchat benefit from this growing habit evidenced by its subscriber base now at 100 million, around the world.

According to Snapchat CEO Evan Speigel on a recent Bloomberg report, Snapchat users have recorded over 8 billion video views per day, with each user spending about 30 minutes on the app.

In the Philippines, Snapchat has already gained a solid following among the country’s youth with its unconventional approach to sharing on social – from quick videos, to cool filters. Snapchat usage is expected to increase further, similar to how Filipinos have quickly adopted to other popular social media apps. After all, with a smartphone penetration at 55% and a record of holding the highest number of time spent on social media at 3.7 hours according to the latest WeAreSocial January 2016 report, more customers will more likely follow suit.

As the significant driver of the digital lifestyle and the undisputed #1 in mobile, Globe constantly enhances its portfolio of content by offering Snapchat to Globe Prepaid customers via its enhanced GoSAKTO offers. GoSAKTO is Globe Prepaid’s #1 promo now with over 2 million unique subscribers and an average of 280,000 daily registrations. GoSAKTO was also recognized at the Annual Global Mobile Awards by the GSM Association (GSMA). It received the award for Best Network-based Solution for Serving Customers for its ability to personalize and tailor fit services.

GoSAKTO allows customers to create personalized promos that precisely fit their calls, SMS, and surfing needs. Customers can create over more than 200 million call, text, and app combos. Combos now include new mobile apps like Snapchat, Clash of Clans, YouTube, Wattpad, and Grab. 
“We continue to be on the lookout for what our customers would want to experience on their devices. This is part of our commitment to consistently improve our their online experience. Popular content such as Snapchat that is now made available to our Globe prepaid users is just the start of better offers to come this year. ” says Globe Chief Commercial Officer, Albert de Larrazabal.
Globe Prepaid closed 2015 overtaking competition and taking the lead as the #1 Prepaid brand in the country. The telco’s Prepaid Business revenues posted a solid growth of 8%, and contributed to 21% growth in cumulative subscribers. Mobile revenues continue its positive trajectory, up by 9% to P85.1 billion from last year’s P78.1 billion, due to the consistent growth of all of the company’s mobile brands.

You can register to GoSAKTO via four easy ways. Simply follow the given instructions to start creating your own promo, whether online at www.globe.com.ph/prepaid/promo/gosakto; through the Facebook App; or by dialing *143#. 

To learn more about Globe Prepaid and the rest of its offers, visit www.globe.com.ph/prepaid.

April 21, 2016

Election Fever: Who is your favorite candydate? Join Vote M&M’S® 2016 Campaign !

MANILA, Philippines — This summer, the M&M’S® Characters are back in the Philippines to join the hot election as rightful candydates.

M&M’S® is bringing their own brand of spontaneous fun to the elections and launches the Vote M&M’S® 2016 Campaign.

You can vote for any of the three M&M’S® candydates vie for a chance to win cash prizes and M&M’S® merchandise.

Who is your favorite candydate? 

Will you support Matapang and Magaling Red? A fearless leader, Red is the candydate who will see you through tough times.

Or will it be the Kabarkada ng Bayan Yellow? The friendliest candydate, Yellow is always seeing the sunny side of things. If you’re looking for someone sweet and reliable, then he’s your choice.

But don’t count out the Ang Confidently Smart Bae-yani Green. The epitome of Girl Power, Green is one magnetic candydate and with her charm and intelligence, voters are sure to find her irresistible.

Still can’t decide who to support? Then don’t miss the chance to see all three candydates as they go around Manila to campaign for your vote.

Be a part of the Miting de Avance, happening on April 22 at the Makati Coliseum. Meet & greet the three candy-dates and hear them out as they rally for your vote. Get your photo taken at the photo booth and cast your votes for your chance to win fun prizes! Or catch the M&M’S® Motorcade happening in selected barangays and more fun M&M’S® Vote activities at selected LRT Stations happening this summer – cast your vote, play fun games and win M&M’S® products! For the schedule of activities, visit the M&M’S® Philippines Facebook page.

Vote for the candydate of your choice and get to win cool prizes! 

And if you want to vote at your convenience, simply post the caption of your choice – I vote Red! #mmsred or I vote Yellow! #mmsyellow or I vote Green! #mmsgreen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to win prizes weekly!

Voting period is from 15th April – 15th May 2016. Then watch out as we announce the M&M’S® winner of the Vote M&M’S® 2016 Campaign on 20th May 2016 online.

So will it be “Matapang and Magaling” Red, Kabarkada ng Bayan Yellow or Ang Confidently Smart Bae-yani Green? Make your voice heard and support your favorite candy-date at Vote M&M’S® 2016 Campaign!

Visit the M&M’S® Philippines page on Facebook for more information on the Vote M&M’S® 2016 Campaign

M&M’S® Characters are Red (‪#‎mmsred‬), Yellow (‪#‎mmsyellow‬) and Green (‪#‎mmsgreen‬
Join #‎VoteMMs2016‬ campaign! See you ! 

Me? I vote  ‪#‎mmsyellow‬ the friendly M&M 

M&M'S® Yellow is a child at heart, Yellow sees the good in everything and is a friend to everyone.


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