August 8, 2016

LBC's newest TV commercial : The Anthem for the Joy of Moving it for Filipinos all over the world - Aming Ligaya

Filipinos are known to do anything for their respective families’ sake. That’s why millions and millions of Filipinos choose to leave the comforts of their own homes to look for better paying jobs – whether in other cities or abroad – carrying with them the hope of giving their families a better and more comfortable life. 

Arranged by Tomas Vinoya of Digitrax, LBC’s new anthem, Aming Ligaya, draws inspiration from this same passion and perseverance because, more than anything else, LBC values the Filipino family and the importance of connecting each and every member wherever in the world they may be. 

Through an inspirational melody heavily influenced by impassioned rhymes from local hip-hop artists, the song expounds on the great lengths LBC is willing to go through in order to deliver, because LBC understands the sacrifice one has to go through to just send money, package or balikbayan box home. LBC understands that the packages they send are not merely boxes of pasalubong, but boxes of stories, hope, care and longing meant to give a sense of comfort and being at home. 

Aming Ligaya encapsulates LBC’s willingness to go out of its route, explore unchartered territories, or brave adverse weather conditions for every delivery, reassuring its customers that no matter what happens, LBC will deliver happiness to every Filipino home anywhere in the country – from Laoag to Jolo.

This anthem reassures everyone that with LBC’s pride and joy in moving, 
"Aming ligaya ang mag hatid ng inyong saya, Lagyan ng Kulay ang Buhay at pag-ibig ang padala"

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