March 10, 2017

Crank up the cooling and bring down the cost with LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC

The 30-plus degree temperature that sweeps the country on an annual basis is right around the corner, and with the ubiquity of technology nowadays, this scorching season can sometimes be synonymous to a spike in air conditioner usage. 

This summer, global technology innovator LG Electronics introduces the latest from its energy solutions line—its Dual Cool Smart Inverter residential air conditioners (RACs). With a variety of models from its Dual Cool Standard, Dual Cool Standard (Mosquito) and Dual Cool Deluxe segments, the extensive line-up ticks off every consumer’s boxes in energy saving, powerful cooling, comfort, health care and convenience.

Energy efficiency coupled with powerful cooling

The Dual Cool RAC comes equipped with a Smart Inverter Compressor and Dual Inverter Compressor which reduces energy consumption by up to 70 percent. The Dual Inverter Compressor motor has a wide rotational frequency and a higher speed cooling range than a conventional compressor, allowing the RAC to cool more quickly, last longer and run more quietly. So no matter how hot it is outside, the RAC distributes cool air immediately to every corner in the room. The unit has a 25 percent larger skew fan which expels powerful blasts of air through its large outlet, optimally designed to fill spaces with cool air faster and farther.

Optimal comfort and health care

Powerful cooling does not come at the expense of the user’s comfort. With just a click of the “Comfort Air” remote button, the Dual Cool RAC adjusts the vane angle to ensure that the out-flowing air does not blow directly to the user and cause sudden drops in body temperature. Disturbance is also not an issue as the RAC operates at the world’s lowest noise level thanks to LG’s unique BLDC motor, skew fan technology and Active Low Vibration Control (ALVC) feature. It also maintains an incredible capacity for dehumidification to provide the most comfortable environment.

Health is one of LG’s core considerations when creating new products. The Dual Cool RAC offers top-quality features in favor of the user’s health and sanitation:

·                 Plasmaster Ionizer Plus, which disseminates over three million ions to sterilize and deodorize not only the air going through the RAC, but all surrounding harmful substances;

·                        LG’s trademark Mosquito Away, which repels up on 82.7 percent of mosquitoes through an ultrasonic sound which can be activated even when the RAC is not running;

·         Micro Dust Filter, a high-airflow, low-noise filter which employs a strong electrostatic charge on its surface to attract, trap and eliminate harmful microscopic substances and deliver fresh, clean air; and

·                  Auto Cleaning, a comprehensive cleaning function which prevents the formation of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger. By eliminating the humidity and germs left in the RAC, the auto cleaning function removes all substances that might be harmful to human body, keeps the indoor environment odor-less and maintains the cooling performance and longevity of the RAC even after 10 years of usage.

Next-level convenience

Installation has never been easier with the delicately designed installation elements of LG’s Dual Cool RAC: simple packaging, installation plate improvement, installation support clip, wider tubing space, detachable bottom cover and a quick button for running tests.

“With the launch of our highly developed Dual Cool RAC in the country, which caters to our consumers’ energy saving, cooling, comfort, health and convenience needs, we want to not only help ease the upcoming summer heat for Filipinos, but also keep their homes cool and comfortable all year around,” LG Philippines Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions VP Steve Kim said.

The LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter RACs are currently in the market and are backed by a 10-year LG warranty. 

For more details, visit, like LG Philippines’ official Facebook page or follow @LGPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.

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