July 25, 2018

Mizuno, perfectly balanced for your daily runs - Here's Wave Catalyst 2 and Wave Shadow, for the Squad Run: Road to 42km

Whether you're running or playing sports, you are always competing, here's a brand that’s on the same quest for perfection. Mizuno offers a wide range of shoes to cater to different types of runners, so you can find the right shoe for your running needs!

Mizuno Philippines launched their featured performance running shoes, the Wave Catalyst 2 and Wave Shadow, for the month of July. 

Last Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at the Mizuno Store in Bonifacio High Street, both shoes were launched together with the Mizuno’s Squad Run: Road to 42km.

The launch was with Mizuno sponsored running coaches, Ige Lopez, Pat Joson and Nhea Barcena with some of their students and together with bloggers and writers attended the said event. 

Brand introduction was led by Karla Bello, the Business Unit Senior Manager and Marketing head for Master Sports - Mizuno while the product presentation was done by Xavier Medina, who is also the Business Unit Senior Manager and Product Specialist. 

Coach Ige Lopez also, shared with the attendees his experience and love for the featured products and lastly, the Squad Run: Road to 42km was discussed by Madeleine Castillo, the Marketing Communications Officer. All attendees got to bring home their own pair of Wave Catalyst 2 and Wave Shadow.

The Wave Catalyst 2 and the Wave Shadow come hand in hand when it comes to performance, one is for support and the other is for neutral, respectively. The Wave Catalyst 2 comes in two colors for men, one color is blue and its updated color way is red while the Wave Shadow only comes in blue.

Performance shoes are built with lower profile midsole dimensions for a more responsive performance ride. The Wave Catalyst 2 is a responsive performance support trainer that aims to keep up with runners who do fast training on a daily basis. It has been redesigned and reborn as a true performance shoe. It has a lowered offset at 10mm, yet the sole design remains the same as its predecessor, with the U4ic midsole material that offers more bounce and durability. 

The upper area as compared to the previous Catalyst has been made into a light weight and highly breathable engineered mesh with the Run Bird logo arch support and soft PU printed overlays straight from the Bio-mimicry concept, which are strategically placed to form the shoe around the arch and heel. It also has a softer collar that lets the ankle area feel more free.

The Wave Shadow is a new model by Mizuno. It is a new revolutionary everyday fast, go to shoe. It is lightweight, highly responsive, and cushioned enough to keep the runner going fast. The Wave Shadow just like the Wave Catalyst 2 are performance trainers but is made for neutral foot types. 

The sole offers a perfect blend of speed and comfort, the 8mm heel drop will give the user that “low-to- ground” feel of a racing shoe while the cushioned supportive midsole provides a running shoe like comfort. The latest updates will not let you down on a fast run. As for its upper, the pursuit of perfection and simplicity has taken the upper fit comfort to new heights. It has an internal toe cap with a one-piece mesh upper construction that provides a seamless fit.

Squad Run: Road to 42km

Mizuno Philippines is having a Squad Run 2! 

In succession to the Squad Run done last year 2017, it is back again for a more intense set of runners. This year’s Squad Run is entitled Squad Run 2018: Road to 42km. It will be a series of one long run per weekend, for 3 whole months, with the end goal of eventually being able to run the marathon distance of 42km. The rationale behind this run is that the runners no longer have to feel lonely during their long runs, because Mizuno has now provided them with a community of long distance runners that are passionate to the sport and is supportive of one another. 

Registration opened on July 11, 2018 via the link  https://www.tinyurl.com/Roadto42-Registration

The coaches who would be leading the said runs are Coach Ige Lopez, Coach Pat Joson, Coach Nhea Barcena and Coach George Vilog. As for where the runs will be held it shall vary per coach. For BGC runs, it will be Coach Ige or Coach Nhea and for the Alabang runs or runs within Tarlac and Cavite, it would be Coach Pat or Coach George, respectively.

For the first session, an assessment run will be held to see who can or cannot keep up with the coaches’ pace and once the official sessions begin, for the first month they will be working on the longest distance that they can do for 1.5 hours, for the second month it would be for 1.5 to 2.5 hours and for the final month they will be working on their longest distance for 3 hours. As mentioned, this Squad Run aims to have its runners eventually run 42 km. Hence, runners who continuously improve and attend would receive prizes from Mizuno. The runners will also be able to do this incrementally, with the help of Milestone runs. These runs are optional runs and will be in the form of OYMor On Your Mark and the Osaka Marathon 2018. Although not all, some runners who joined the squad run will get to be part of the Osaka Marathon. In order to be fair the slots will be raffled out once again here in the Philippines only, to the squad runners and to anyone else who has the means to go to the Osaka Marathon but never got the slot. Raffle entries may be obtained by purchasing Mizuno running shoes at SRP. The raffle duration will be from July 13, 2018 to August 16, 2018.

Always wanted your running shoes comfortable? Then Mizuno's Wave Shadow or Wave Catalyst 2 is for you! Lightweight cushioned, highly responsive. softer collar, highly breathable.

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