Join the Philippines’ Biggest Music Event of the Year – the 7107 International Music Festival!

7107 International Music Festival will be rocking the Philippines this February 22-23, 2014.

7107, which represents the number of islands in the Philippines is organized by a team spearheaded by individuals who are well-versed in the entertainment, events and music industries.
7107 International Music Festival is a two-day outdoor music festival happening at the Global Gateway Logistics City in Clark, Pampanga.
According to Mr. Jeff Pradhan, GGLC Vice President for Sales & Marketing, the event will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase Clark and Central Luzon as an alternative venue for major events and activities outside Manila. He also said that GGLC with CDC is in support to “putting the best show in a site that is accessible”, noting that Clark has a land area that could accommodate events of this magnitude. 

The said music festival is expected to draw a crowd of 20,000 to 30,000 coming from the region and different parts of the country.

The organizer, 7107 posted in their official Facebook page the line-up of the artists performing in the two-day music festival which includes: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Empire of the Sun, The Asteriods Galaxy Tour, Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, and local bands like Up Dharma Down, Radio Active Sago Project, among others. According to Mike Pio Roda, Co-Founder of 7107, the crowd should expect “…something they haven’t seen in the Philippines”. He added that they are inviting around 20 international acts to perform in the festival. The event organized by 7107 in coordination with the Clark Development Corporation will take place at the Global Gateway Logistics City in Clark.

7107 International Music Festival is the music event of the year, with all your favorite bands and performers all in two days with one ticket purchase. Everything you will need to satisfy your music cravings will be in the festival, making it a once in a lifetime music event that you should not miss. 

The Philippines has recently seen the influx of concert parties—music lovers as well as partygoers come together to witness their favorite acts from all over the globe perform their favorite hit songs. With the crazy line-up of exciting bands and artists performing in the country, it is hard to choose which ones one should prioritize to see. The biggest enemy, in this case, will be limited time or resources, but fret no more because we have the solution.
7107 International Music Festival will be rocking the Philippines this February 22-23, 2014. 7107, which represents the number of islands in the Philippines is organized by a team spearheaded by individuals who are well-versed in the entertainment, events and music industries.

“It has been our personal mission to promote the Philippines; the islands, its talent, its culture and its music throughout the world,” shares Tina Herrera, the festival’s Executive Producer. “We are thrilled that 7107 International Music Festival will serve as unique platform for our local artists to shine side by side with legendary performers. Through this International Music Festival, we are able to push our local talent on to the world stage and open up avenues for local artists to collaborate with international acts, further pushing their music to a global audience.”

The festival is not just a night of performances but a two-day outdoor music festival featuring a spectacular line-up of bands from around the world. If you are not yet sold with the idea of a two-day concert, here are other reasons why 7107 IMF is the must-see concert party of the year:

It’s in Clark, Pampanga. You read that right. This festival will not be in the Metro so you won’t have to worry about the traffic, hustle and bustle going in and out of the venue. The festival will be held in Global Gateway Logistics City, a modern, state-of-the-art compound in Clark.

“We wanted enough room to play around with,” says Herrera. “With over 100 hectares of land, it is the perfect canvas to start the 7107 International Music Festival. Because we had tourism in mind when we started this project, we wanted to take concert goers away from their usual environment and give them a chance to do a bit of travelling.” 

Two days of international and local acts. Get ready to see international acts like Red Chili Peppers, Kaskade, Empire of the Sun, and Kendrick Lamar, plus performances from local artists such as Up Dharma Down, Kjwan and Radioactive Sago Project. With the spectacular and diverse lineup, we are sure that we have something to satisfy anyone’s musical craving!

Experience the tastes of the world. By taste, we mean food. There will be something for all kinds of taste buds; even those of the picky ones, as the festival will also house different concessionaires from all over. It brings together foodie favorites to the country’s culinary capital.

It boosts the country’s tourism. With different performances from around the globe packaged into two days, the festival will not only be attended by Filipinos but by people all over the world as well. The festival is slated to attract more than 20,000 concertgoers across Asia and Europe. 

“Tickets have sold well, even before the phase 2 lineup,” shares Herrera. “We’ve had sales from Canada, USA, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Beijing, New Zealand and others.” 

It’s for a good cause. Part of the proceeds of the festival will be used to rebuild, rehabilitate, and fund relief projects for the Typhoon Yolanda victims. This is a guilt-free concert party as the proceeds will go to HelpPH and the EJ Litton Foundation. 

According to Herrera, “We want 7107 International Music Festival to be a reminder to our countrymen that music moves, and help is on the way.”

With all these amazing things going on in the festival, you might get lost in your schedule or worse, in the venue. The 7107 team found a solution to your worries by introducing the 7107 International Music Festival smartphone application. 

“Our team has developed an app for the festival wherein attendees can keep track of what’s going on as well as get to know all the bands that will be present in the event,” shares Mike Pio Roda, Co-Founder and Producer. “Features of the app include tidbits about the performers, food and beverage, as well as the festival’s schedule of activities. Because there are two separate stages in the event, having this app makes it easier to track the bands you don't want to miss—where they’ll be, which stage, and at what time.”

The app allows you to create your own personalized schedule of your favorite acts and performers. You can also check out the vendors, retailers and attractions that will be present in the festival. All the things you will need to know will be right at your fingertips.

Proceeds from the event will go to survivors of the Super Typhoon Yolanda. - See more at:

Here are the ticket prices: 

General Admission: PHP 10000.00 
+Parking Pass: PHP 300.00 per day / PHP 600.00 for the weekend 

General Admission – Gets you access to all general areas for the entire weekend. 
VIP Admission – Gets you access to all general areas plus VIP bars, lounges, view deck and additional bathrooms for the entire weekend. 

VIP Table Packages: 
Php 300k table package + VAT include the following: 
10 VIP passes 
Exclusive toilets 
Php 50k consumable for both days
Premium bottle service 
Bar chow
Premium view of main stage 
Limited edition merchandise

Getting to Pampanga 
From Ninoy Aquino Airport to Pampanga: 1.5 hour drive
From Clark International Airport to Pampanga: 15-minute drive
From Angeles City to Pampanga: 15-minute drive 

Once You Arrive in Pampanga//Going to the Festival 
Complimentary shuttles will be provided by participating hotels, going to and from the venue. Please see Accommodations for a complete list.

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