January 7, 2014

Philippines in UK’s Rough Guides top 10 countries to see in 2014

It's more fun in the Philippines!

Philippines is among the Top 10 Countries worldwide to visit this 2014, according to British travel guidebook Rough Guides.

The Philippines made it to the 10th place along with other beautiful and culturally-rich countries. 
Boracay Photo: Myrns Roman 
Rough Guides 2014 edition, cited Philippines’ natural places that are “not to miss” which include the islands of Boracay, the limestone islands El Nido in Palawan, the coasts of Coron that hidesbeautiful beaches and pristine mountain lakes, and Puerto Gallera.

The Rough Guides, known for its travel references, has also recommended a must-visit in Chocolate Hills in Bohol, despite being partly damaged by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake the struck the province last year. It also recommended to visitors to see the tiny primate Tarsiers in the region.

“Soak up the bizarre landscape of Bohol’s iconic Chocolate Hills, conical brown-green mounds said to be the calcified tears of a broken-hearted giant,” Rough Guides said.

Rough Guides also suggest to tourists to also try to explore the country’s beautiful mountains and the majestic top views they offier, including the perfectly-coned Mt. Mayon and mountain lakes in Mt. Pinatubo. Rough Guide describes the crystal-clear waters of Apo Reef Marine Natural Park in Mindoro as a “scuba diver’s dream.”

Aside from places, tourist should also explore the traditions and colorful festivals in the country like the Ati-Atihan Festival on Panay to see the “indigenous dress and learn tribal dances,” the travel advisor said, adding that if one gets exhausted from the heat of the sun, a tall glass of Halo-halo, a local sweet icy dessert, will quench tourist’ thirst.

Rough Guides also encouraged European travelers to visit the Philippines, citing direct flights from London to Manila.

“New direct flights from London to Manila mean that it’s now easier to get there from the UK,” it said.

Other countries in Rough Guides’ Top 10 countries to visit in 2014 are Georgia in Central Asia, Turkey, Macedonia, Japan, Rwarna, Ethiopia, Brazil, Bulgaria and Madagascar.

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