October 15, 2014

Witness The Trial!

“The Trial” – a Chito S. Roño and John Lloyd Cruz cinematic masterpiece that no one should ever miss.

“The Trial” is a poignant family drama about how two families will cope with a scandal. The tragedy each of the characters face will put their love for one another to the ultimate test. They will all eventually learn if love can really withstand the greatest trial or not. This thought-provoking drama aims to challenge everyone into pondering the idea of who is really in trial once Ronald is brought to court.

“The Trial” revolves around Ronald Jimenez (Cruz), a mentally challenged 27-year-old man who is accused of raping his grade school teacher Bessie. Defense attorney Julian, who is on the verge of separating from his wife Amanda and the father of Ronald’s best friend Martin, will represent Ronald in court.

In “The Trial,” Ronald Jimenez was not born rich. He was even born with a rare mental condition that limits his thinking capacity. 

“He speaks the language of love in the purest form.”

This is the kind of love Ronald, the character of John Lloyd Cruz, is giving to everyone especially his special someone, Teacher Bessy (Jessy Mendiola).

This is despite his mental condition called mild intellectual disability.

Ronald grew up from an unconventional family. They may not have a lot of material wealth but his parents, gay and lesbian, expressed their love in the most possible ways.

Ronald’s pure heart and his extraordinary family setting, according to John Lloyd, has captured the heart of the master director Chito Roño.

“The Trial” remains consistent with Star Cinema’s steadfast commitment to motion picture excellence, as it is groundbreaking and historic in so many ways specifically for both Direk Chito and John Lloyd. 

Star Cinema continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary with the upcoming mainstream theatrical release of “The Trial”,  Roño’s newest movie under Star Cinema since he directed 2012’s smash hit “The Healing” starring Star For All Seasons Vilma Santos.

For John Lloyd, who is a certified box-office king and arguably one of the most critically acclaimed actors of his generation, “The Trial” marks his much-awaited comeback to full-length feature films. 

“The Trial” is the newest movie that John Lloyd is starring in after he broke box-office records worldwide with Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo in the romantic comedy “It Takes A Man And A Woman” (2013). Prior to “The Trial,” the last movie that featured John Lloyd as a dramatic actor was “The Mistress” (2012).

With a script written by Kris Gazmen, a versatile screenwriter whose diverse work range from such Star Cinema blockbuster hits as the comedies “Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat” and “Sisterakas” to dramatic films such as “No Other Woman” and “One More Try,” “The Trial” is the biggest and most gripping family drama of 2014.

Aside from John Lloyd, the film assembles an impressive line-up of accomplished and talented actors as led by Richard Gomez, Gretchen Barretto, Jessy Mendiola, and Enrique Gil.

Richard, one of the country’s finest actors whose most recent credits include the phenomenal primetime series on ABS-CBN “Walang Hanggan” and Star Cinema’s blockbuster hit “She’s Dating The Gangster,” plays the role of Julian. Gretchen on the other hand, plays the role of Julian’s wife, developmental psychologist Amanda. Like Richard, Gretchen is also an acclaimed artist and she is also one of the most controversial and influential celebrities in the industry.

Kris Gazmen, Direc Chito Rono and Jessy Mendiola during the Blogcon  

Jessy, who is one of ABS-CBN’s fastest rising young stars, plays the role of Martin’s teacher Bessie while Enrique, who is currently one of ABS-CBN’s hottest young actors, plays the role of Martin.

With an awesome ensemble cast with Direk Chito and John Lloyd at the helm and an amazing story as the unifying element that binds all of them together, “The Trial” will enlighten moviegoers of all ages. 

Ultimately, everyone will be reminded that trials are not just confined within the four corners of a courtroom, as trials are something that every person goes through on a daily basis.

“The Trial” begins in all mainstream cinemas nationwide starting October 15.

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