November 5, 2014

Loyal patrons delight in Jollibee’s new and modern store look

Jollibee is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines, operating a nationwide network of more than 800 stores. Jollibee is so well-loved everytime a new store opens, especially overseas, Filipinos always form long lines to the store. It is more than home for them. It is a stronghold of heritage and monument of Filipino pride. Dining at Jollibee has been an unspoken tradition for generations of Filipino families. With more than 800 stores in the country and over 100 branches abroad, the leading fast-food chain has, in a way, become a second home to Filipinos, a perfect place to bond and create joyful family memories while enjoying langhap-sarap comfort food. 

Through the years, Jollibee continues to introduce new design elements and store fixtures to further enhance total customer experience, while still keeping the comfortable feel of being a second home for food lovers across the nation and the world. 

New stores feature sleek and modern designs, with well-lit and comfortable interiors that appeal to every member of the family, while branches that have served generations have undergone renovations to be more in touch with the times and create an even more welcoming feel.

One such store is Jollibee Festival Mall in Alabang, where the store lay-out now boasts an extended seating capacity to accommodate large groups of families. This is a welcome development for Money Sense Sub-editor Ruth Floresca who has been frequenting the branch for the past eight years. It has been an obligatory stop-over for her family after doing their grocery shopping at the said mall.

Ruth Floresca : For Money Sense Sub-editor Ruth Floresca, Jollibee is the fast-food restaurant that captures her family’s taste. Other than Jollibee Festival Mall, Alabang, she and her loved ones also frequent the Jollibee branch in Star Plaza, Muntinlupa.

“I really liked that they added different-sized tables which you can put together to make an even bigger table for when you’re dining with your family and loved ones. It really helps foster family bonding. Filipinos, after all, love having everyone in their group in one table as much as possible,” Floresca said. She added that the spacious rows in between each table are very convenient for customers since they do not bump into one another when passing through. 

Pinoy Food Network Online Editor Linda de Leon is also delighted by the changes in her favorite Westgate Filinvest City branch in Alabang. More than the space, De Leon found the new contemporary design of the branch more inviting.

Linda De Leon: One of Linda De Leon’s most unforgettable family time at Jollibee – when her first nephew, Jordan Mari marked his birthday with Jollibee. He now works in Singapore, but can always have a taste of home at the Jollibee store in Lucky Plaza. 

“Modern lighting fixtures have been installed and that gave off a world-class feel. The harmonious blend of red and orange hues gave the whole store more warmth, like it was sleek and chic yet still retains that ‘homey’ vibe,” she said. 

De Leon also noted that Jollibee truly knows who its customers are, making sure that everyone can have a good time in every store and that it caters to any type of diner. “They renovated the flooring with non-skid tiles, which is a great thing for senior citizen guests and families with kids that like running around,” said De Leon.

Jollibee has become a well-loved family brand because of its classic langhap-sarap favorites, alagang Pinoy service and its ability to evolve and adapt to the changing lifestyles of its patrons. Food blogger and contributor for Breakfast magazine Jill Bantang watched how her favorite Jollibee Roosevelt branch along Ortigas Ave. has changed throughout the years. 

“It’s my go-to branch—I’ve been visiting this store since I was a child, until my college and working years. It used to be just an affordable place with good food, but now it has become modern with a touch of cool and fun colors. It no longer looks like a fast-food store, but a cozy restaurant,” said Bantang.

Jill Bantang : From a vibrant school girl to a young professional, Jill Bantang has been a loyal Jollibee patron with most of her fondest memories basically spent in Jollibee Roosevelt. She said that nothing beats Jollibee’s langhap-sarap classics, saying “we could try a bunch of fancy restaurants, but we’ll always go back to our favorite Jollibee store.”
Apart from the casual yet comfortable dining experience, Bantang said that the best thing about the Jollibee Roosevelt branch is the staff, who are always welcoming and courteous. She added that the crew is what keeps her coming back and makes her feel most at home. 

Come home to your favorite Jollibee store now and enjoy a welcoming venue for bonding with the whole family, the entire barkada, and everyone you love. 

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