October 3, 2015

Nickelodeon Premieres Make It Pop!

If Make it Pop’s funny, feel-good theme and perky and adorable characters don’t get you hooked, the cool clothes and awesome music definitely will! Revolving around three very different teenage girls who end up to be roommates at a boarding school—and later on bandmates, as they form their own k-pop girl band, Nickelodeon’s newest live-action scripted series is bursting with so much fun and energy, you can’t help but get your groove on, too. 

In this new half-hour musical comedy, everyday high school scenarios are spiked with doses of silly antics, over-the-top personalities, and zany teenage drama, with its main characters breaking into song-and-dance numbers throughout the episode—a pure crazy, fun entertainment. 

Speaking of the main characters, the girls will surely take you out of this world with their quirky vibe and their ultimate popstar fantasies. Pick your favourite from the trio: the diva Sun Hi (played by Megan Lee) who documents everything she does for her “fans” on her video channel, the “Sun Hi Nation.” She is ambitious, she craves for fame and attention, she’s melodramatic, and always with exaggerated reactions and facial expressions. She’s also the most passionate, most determined little thing. Then there’s Jodi Mappa (played by Canadian-Filipina Louriza Tronco), who is fierce and fashionable, with a kind, thoughtful nature. Finally, you have Corky Chang (played by Erika Tham), who comes from a wealthy Chinese family. She is incredibly smart and musically gifted, but she is quite reserved—the total opposite of her newfound friend Sun Hi. The threesome quickly discovered how well they clicked, no matter how different they are from each other, especially when it comes to music, and went on to become pop sensations at their school, naming their K-pop group XO-IQ.

Adding a male perspective to the show is Caleb Davis (played by Dale Whibley), the young and talented DJ-wannabe who is partly responsible for bringing XO-IQ to life. Caleb is often clueless and accident-prone, but he’s also energetic, effortlessly funny, and very creative. He also happens to be Jodi’s object of affection.

Make it Pop, though it can be a little too theatrical, is actually relatable, especially to young girls, as it has a storyline that deals with sticky school situations, dreams, friendships, and the drama that comes with teenage territory. It’s a fun 30-minute show that features brilliant original songs and lively performances with a modern pop twist and an EDM beat from the show’s emerging, real-life group, XO-IQ.

The musical numbers are so catchy, you’ll just catch yourself unconsciously bopping your head, drumming your fingers, tapping your feet, and totally shaking it to XO-IQ’s beats.

Claiming the 6PM slot on Nickelodeon, Make it Pop is the perfect show to come home to after a long day at school. Enjoy!

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