June 11, 2016

MIDEA: Revolutionizing Convenient Home Living, Launched iAdd Washing Machine

Home is the place that we love most, with the family we love and taking care.  Everyone likes having a clean home! As mother, I always clean refrigerator, oven and lot of home appliances on a regular basis. The bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in the house. It can also become one of the dirtiest rooms in the house if you do not keep up with regular chores. Each person responsible for washing, drying, and putting away their own clothing. These are a laborious and time consuming tasks, which often leaves one with fatigue. However, there are ways in which one can smartly manage all the household chores.

Home is a sanctuary and the moments spent there are precious. We take off our heels, play with our kids, and settle in to recharge which is why we seek to achieve the ideal living conditions in our homes. Vital to keeping a home are the accomplishment of chores and tasks. This is where some of the tension lies; chores like washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and doing the laundry consume time and energy that should be spent relaxing with our loved ones.

The good people from the world’s largest home appliance manufacturer, Midea, have long recognized this predicament. And in their continuous effort to provide surprisingly friendly solutions for the ones who treasure tiny moments at home, comes their latest and greatest smart product to date: The iADD Washing Machine.

And last June 9, the iAdd Washing Machine was successfully launched in the Philippines. Media VIPS were in full attendance to the exclusive gathering at the Abenson Global City to witness the unveiling of a definite upgrade for convenient living as we know it.

"If you are able to do home chores in a worry-free manner, it makes the home more harmonious. This is the driving force behind Midea Solutions." - Philip Trapaga, General Manager.

The iAdd Washing Machine revolutionizes the laundry workload by making it super easy and worry-free. The iAdd Auto-Dosing Technology, the first and one of its kind here in the country, ensures up to 44% savings on detergent and fabric softener.

This technology has an intelligent weighing system, with a precision rate of +/- 300g. It weighs the laundry and based on this, releases the right amount of detergent and fabric softener. Aside from the savings, consumers don’t have to worry about putting too much or too little detergent and fabric softener.

The iAdd washing machine also has a Cleanliness Meter that detects dirt and soap for a better wash. The machine will automatically set an additional rinse cycle if there is still soap residue in the water. This feature also ensures that your clothes won’t have that funky smell from soap residue stuck in your clothes.

In terms of noise, the iAdd washing machines ensure that you enjoy peace and quiet with its silent and efficient inverter motor. It’s so quiet, you don’t even notice that it’s running.

Lastly, the iAdd front load has an Auto Dryer Sensor that runs the ideal drying setting for your clothes so you save on time, electricity plus you save your clothes from over drying and shrinking.

Add to that the sleek, modern, and durable design it comes in, this appliance is everything you need to say goodbye to your laundry woes. Midea is definitely set to make home living as convenient and comfortable as ever, one smart product at a time.

As the new Midea Ambassador Chef Rob Pengson graced the event with his beautiful wife, Sunshine Pengson. They shared to the attendees their secrets to successfully being able to manage the busy lifestyle that comes with being professional chefs and parents to their two lovely kids.

"We make sure to suppport each other doing the household chores. Rob is a wonderful hands-on dad," shares Sunshine. "And of course, we have Midea as our third partner to make our home life happy."

They, along with all the other invitees expressed their glee and excitement over the next level innovation Midea has brought into the Filipino Home.

In 2013, Concepcion Industrial Corporation, Concepcion Carrier Air Conditioning and Midea China have partnered to bring the brand to the Philippines. The partnership brings together the local market knowledge, reputation, go to market expertise and relationships of the Concepcion Group and the global product, technology, design and manufacturing expertise of the Midea Group. Under Concepcion Midea, Inc., this partnership merges the global strength of Midea being a large producer and a quality centric company plus the core values of passion, excellence, and innovation of CIC & CCAC in creating a better life for Filipino families.

For more information, please visit us at our website at http://midea.com.ph/ and Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MideaPhilippines

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